End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


I have mentioned this before but most religions have some sort of Messianic figure except of course Christians because Jesus is the Messiah were not awaiting anyone accept Jesus.

The Antichrist will bring all these religions together Rabbinical Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism maybe even Sikhism and Ba hai.

The Samaritans who still exists will probably accept him as well.

It will probably be a religion of transhumanism which fits with all the gender ideologies and the idea of existentialism.

Some bad juju…


It’s in the Catechism.

Basically he will provide some solution for mankind and seduce the world with false doctrines.

Thing’s like universalism, existentialism, transhumanism, relativism and all manner of fleshy hedonism.

I had a lot of caffeine today… :crazy_face:


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I agree with you, Luke. The idea of the rapture is a pure Protestant invention that has been around for 40 years, maybe 120 according to some sources. It’s garbage. This planet Niburu is also, in my opinion, a bizarre hoax.

What are not bizarre hoaxes, however, are apparitions of the Virgin, several accompanied by signs (most notably the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima and the ongoing bizarre blinking of the sun at Tre Fontane–videos on YouTube). Akita, La Salette, Our Lady of Good Success, Fatima, Our Lady of Revelation: She said the same thing over and over. Namely, that Satan will appear to be on the verge of winning, that there will be gross iniquity, abomination of marriage and family and that the clergy will be silent or complicit in some cases. Most frightening to me is Our Lady of Good Success: this apparition was 400 years ago, the message has been on the record for centuries and She was talking directly about our days and she mentioned priests silent when they should be the outspoken defenders of the Word (anybody here heard a homily about contraception, abortion or marriage in the last 35 years?).

I can understand battling to debunk–especially when it is coming from fellow Catholics–the Niburu stuff, Medjugore (which I think might actually be Satanic as in no other case has Our Lady been on-call and available for quick consultation with “seers”), rapture ideas, a Christ and alien combination, some sort of anti-Christ as a sorcerer, et. al. Yes, all of those notions are absolutely inappropriate and even sinful, especially for Catholics who ought to know better.

Again, if people want to get worked up they can reference the apparitions I mentioned along with the visions of Pope Leo XIII and Pius XII. Throw in Fathers Gary Thomas and Gabriel Amorth talking about demonic activity (plus Pope Francis calling for exorcist is in every diocese). If that stuff doesn’t get you to confession but a fantasy planet does then you might need to do a long examination of conscience.


I’m not a Bible scholar ask Muzhik he knows this stuff.

If you asked me about the Chupacabra or angels, demons, and exorcisms then I might have a more well informed answer.

As Catholics we follow scripture, history and tradition.

There have been many Church father’s and other saints who wrote theological documents on the Antichrist or had visions.


Every 12 years the sun rises in the constellation Virgo. HOWEVER, due to galactic precession, Virgo is not rising now at the same time as it was when the Greeks developed their zodiac. It’s been 7,000 years since the Pleiades have been above Virgo at that time, but even longer since the moon has been “under her feet”, and the three planets have joined the Pleiades to make a crown of 12 stars. IOW, an event that has never been seen by man before .

In Ezekiel 38:18-20, when Gog begins his invasion of Israel (the War of Gog-Magog), there will be an enormous (possibly world-wide?) earthquake that would take the wails of the Western Wall down.

The Three Days of Darkness fit into a theory of Church History and End Times that teaches that the Church will follow a path like Jesus did during the Passion, which was a replay of the 10 Plagues of Egypt. At that time Egypt had 3 days of darkness during which only the Jews had lights. Jesus had His 3 days of darkness in the tomb, and so the Church will also have its “3 days of darkness”.


Cool story bro. :sunglasses:

I am a bit humbled and at the same frightened to be living in such timed and to witness this constellation.

It really stuck out to me coming to Christianity and I thought it was a Marian apparition or some sort of vision seen in the sky by the world as a warning.

Little did I know I would live to see it and it would be a constellation.

Okay you probably have answered this before but this is your area of expertise.

Let’s play devil’s advocate so when someone pops this question to me I have an answer.

When the Bible mentions the Antichrist changing the times and seasons how do we know this isn’t a passages about Orthodox Christianity Western (RCC) and Eastern (EOC / OOC) but primarily the RCC?

The Seventh Day Adventists and other Zionistic sects of Protestantism point this out.

Note: Using term Zionistic to describe sects of Christianity that follow Rabbinical Judaism and Levitical laws.


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Hmmmm…Sorry to hear about your current state. Clearly I am not going to try to argue with you or anybody about apparitions. I will say that I only consider Church approved apparitions or private revelations to popes. And of those apparitions, I don’t give consideration to unambiguous prophecies. To my mind, the apparitions and prophecies I have mentioned are unambiguous and certainly much of what has been said is hapenning now.

There is a danger in thinking a lot about these things. You can risk losing faith if you study these things, get worked up and find that as the years go by things either do not change or keeping getting worse. In fact, I am getting a bit worried about that myself so I am resolving to back off on listening to or reading much more. Granted, I stick to information from people in good standing with the Church–mostly priests, in fact–but even still one has to be careful.


The world still hasn’t ended. But i do think the human race needs to be humbled in some way. I sometimes hope that i wake up one day and there is a gigantic space craft in the sky. I really hope that happens.

Suddenly we would all forget our differences…or maybe we would just find new excuses to hate each-other.


Hmmmm…I don’t know, Luke. One could certainly argue–as do many faithful Catholics in good standing (for now)–that it is exactly in Rome where God’s laws are being changed and saints worn out.

What is going with the JPII Institute, Amoris Laetitia, the seemingly probable reinterpretation of Humane Vitae…all of that goes against God’s laws. Even if one wants to debate contraception as being morally acceptable, the Bible is completely unambiguous about homosexuality and marriage. That those two topics are subjects of debate within Rome is not debatable. (Of the two, divorce being most obvious but several priests, including some with Vatican positions like Father James Martin, are waging battle against Church prohibitions of homosexual behaviors and marriage).

I am not a theologian but one needn’t be a theologian nor even a theist to easily understand that within the Church there are some waging war on dogma and God’s laws as stated clearly in the Bible.

To quote Pope Pious X (and no, I am NO, not SSPX):
“It is an error to believe that Christ did not teach a determined body of doctrine applicable to all times and to all men, but rather that He inaugurated a religious movement adapted, or to be adapted, to different times and different places.”.

Plenty of approved apparitions and even Popes have said that Satan is in the Vatican…take if for what it’s worth.


There cannot be much more miraculous a sight than what 70k people saw at Fatima on 10/13/17. Several of these people were atheists there to mock the children and Catholics. It is not as if somebody passed around LSD or they were are all drinking or whatever–the group hallucination theory is unscientific as it gets, especially when many witnesses were hardened skeptics. Heck, you can see videos of the sun blinking at Tre Fontane on YouTube.

What happened that day at Fatima and what has happened at Tre Fontane hasn’t changed a thing, even within the Church, which approves of and believes in the apparitions. (Note that except for John XXIII every pope from Pius XII forward has gone to Fatima which says something considering where they often don’t or did not make it during their pontificates).

So why would a spaceship change anything? People would be in awe for ten minutes and then right back to life as usual. Mankind is truly as stiff necked as we have ever been. Humility is completely lacking in almost everybody.


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Well, I would say that at this point, yes, it does. Right off the bat, I certainly feel that Sts. Pope John Paul II and Thomas More are being trashed. We are in a period of papal positivism in which, it seems, anything the pope says is dogma, that nothing said before matters. There certainly are many saints being disregarded at the moment.

I understand your interpretation of Daniel but I am considering the Bible, approved apparitions and commentary from popes. In point a fact, attacks on the faith coming from within or without are attacks on the faith. If I were to commit an act of domestic terrorism I would still be considered to have attempted to destroy the US as the distinction of where it’s coming from is irrelevant.


Oh yeah Macabbees Greece did oppress Jerusalem before Rome.


So here is some speculation:

People (I think Muzhlk and Governator amongst others) have been saying that today, with the weird star configuration, there might be an event that will, in hindsight, look like it was a big step before the end. Not the end, but a big step. Now this is obviously not with hindsight, but to speculate, this could be it:

I don’t want to speculate about where this will go, or anything, but it seems to me a significant event. It is curious that these news got public today, with the star thing going on.

All we can do, is to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the Church through this turbulent time without schism.


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