End Times Speculation XXIII (ver. 2.0)


Like WOW! That is unique. I quickly looked up 9/23 and saw a reference of the Rapture. It’s hard to stay in the simplicity of scripture, as believers. I always come back to God the Father’s wanting us, enough to create us. Abba sending Jesus to take on our human flesh. Still trying to teach a better way to live, even w our sinful natures. I have a small problem w the Holy Spirit coming after the Ressurection. Some of this is semantics and timing. What Jesus suffered to reunite us w Our Father is horrible. I felt the HS was in Jesus, strengthening his flesh when he traveled His Via Doloroso. Actually, since all parts of Trinity are ONE, the HS had to be in Jesus that day.
When the HS was released on Pentecost, Jesus was back in heaven. The HS began His Real Presence at that time. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.
Scripture tells us to be prepared. The parable Of ten virgins w lamps. Scripture teaches to watch for the signs of the times awaiting the Second Coming.
The last planet connection, you eloquently point out, should have brought something. If the Rapture occurred, a lot of us missed the boat.
One core item in prophecies is: JERUSALEM must be capital of Israel. Jews prophecy has a RED bull born. A totally Red Bull. Our prophecy has the AntiChrist must come from Eastern Europe. The ten horns (thought to be 10 Euro Nations) are intact. (More than 10 now). The same currency(the Euro).
England pulling out of Brexit was good, if you are looking for more of Family to be saved. In the last days there will be false prophets. Lord, knows, we are in a muddle. WICCANS(Pagans-Druids) have returned. Open Satanic churches w permission to have blood sacrifices are allowed. Extraterrestrial Science is exhibiting new film shots by Nations on UFO’s. Some of this I feel is real but, caution is important.
With all the evil in the world, we pray for His second coming now. His mercy for family and friends and me. Forgiveness and mercy.
Arabs had a prophecy that came to pass.
WHEN ALL ARAB STATES ARE IN TURMOIL, the TWELTH PROPHET OR GREAT MAHADI WILL APPEAR AND ESTABLISH A CALIPHATE ALL OVER WORLD. ARAB spring=check. Muslim cleric announcing he’s head of ISIS.Trying hard to establish Caliphate. God only knows the moment or hour…
Love you God. In Christ’s love


The Rapture was an invention of a American Protestant pastor and out of that came the great disappointment and the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Everything that you spoke of has been going on for some time but progressively getting worse.

Most religions have a Messianic figure or some sort of antichrist type figure.

When we look outside Christianity we see that the Jews are still awaiting their Messiah, that the Muslims are waiting for their Messianic figure and the return of their version of Jesus which sounds like the antichrist cutting off the heads of Christians and Jews and Buddhist, Hindus and other Eastern religions are awaiting the last Maitreya.

According to James Meade today was supposed to be end of the world or the beginning of the end.

James predicted that the world would be hit by Planet X / Nibiru on September 23rd then he changed his claim and said that it would happen on October 21st and Planet X wouldn’t actually hit or cause any physical damage but would signify the beginning of the seven years of tribulation and then he changed his date from the 21st of October to the 15th of October which is today.

So far so good.

Honestly I think things are going to get worst in the Catholic Church and then some chatisement will happen and maybe before or after that the Antichrist will rule.


Or something like that.


Yeah that’s the ticket. :crazy_face:


Thanks for that compilation, lots of interesting stuff. I’m going to study this information in depth when I can. Can you give me some sources, or where I could look to get the whole messages of La Salette and Our Lady of Good Success?


Honestly I had a heck of a time finding a website with just the messages.

The links to my sources are actually on that blog post.

With the case of lasalette some of it was written down right away by the seer Melanie and it’s some of it was written down much later.

I don’t think it really matters when it was written some people criticized Sister Lucia and the seer Melanie for writing the secrets down much later but if we believe in the first messages there’s no reason not to believe in the later.

I tried asking it on here but it seems like we have a lot less people in the Eastern Catholic threads that we used to have but I asked if Ukrainian Catholic School especially connected to Our Lady of Fatima since historically they’ve been persecuted by the Soviet Union and Russia and the current situation with Russia and Ukraine.

Never got an answer online.

I asked my Ukrainian priests today he said it’s more of a western thing.

He also stated that many people are talking about the consecration whether it happened or not but the Virgin Mary didn’t explain how the consecration needed to be done.

Lastly he pointed out that some people have a cult mentality about Fatima.

The only thing I disagreed with but respectfully didn’t bring up was there are instructions on how the consecration was to be done.

Main thing repentance and prayer.


One thing a speaker brought up yesterday at the Conference was the question of the consecration. He told us how after the assassination attempt, Pope JP2 asked for 2 things while he was in the hospital: the letter from Sr. Lucia and the diary of Sr. Faustina. While the Blessed Mother asked for the consecration of Russia specifically “or she will spread her errors”, by today the errors had been spread around the world. After much thought and prayer, he tried to arrange the consecration, but the first time was insufficient. The second one, a year later on March 25, 1984 (The Feast of the Annunciation) was broad enough and specific enough (so it covered all countries living under communism), and did occur in union with all the bishops of the world (which is why the first one was insufficient), that Mary reported to Sr. Lucia that it had been accepted by Heaven.

I know the Russian Orthodox hate it because in their mind, Mary’s words “Russia will be converted” means that the Russian Orthodox will be forced to become members of the Roman Catholic Church, which they consider to be heterodox and apostate. (Understand that before Constantinople was conquered, the Moscow Patriarchate was established. When it fell, the Tsar proclaimed that the second Rome (Constantinople) had fallen, and that Moscow was “the Third Rome”. “There will be no other.” So they consider themselves to be THE last bastion of Christianity in the world, that Rome will be conquered and the Greek Church will wither and die (which in fact may happen) and then all that will be left will be the Russian Orthodox Church.)


What do you think about using other Marian apparitions to get an idea of what the third secret might be.

There as you know are a lot of people who think it was only partially revealed.

I believe Sr Lucia said that the devil would attack the family.

That is more or less is the message of Our Lady of Good Success and Lasalette.


I believe the 3rd secret has been revealed. Not sure we can get any more information from other apparitions. The bit about the Devil attacking the family came from a personal letter from Sr. Lucia to JP2.

One speaker DID mention that Pope John XXIII didn’t reveal the contents in 1962 (which was the earliest that Sr. Lucia said it could be publicly revealed) was because of the fear that, due to its sensational nature, it might encourage the Communist bloc to act, thinking they now had permission from heaven to attack Rome. And Sr. Lucia did say that if the Consecration of Russia had NOT occurred in 1984, there would have been a nuclear war in 1985. Apparently (and this was news to me), in 1985, in Russia, there was a HUGE explosion at a military base that destroyed a large number of supplies and weapons. It was large enough that it put a big kink in the ability of the USSR to defend itself against the West. I don’t know if the Pentagon ever knew how bad it was, but if the Consecration had NOT been done, the USSR might have seen the need for a pre-emptive strike against the US.


That’s a trip I may not have been born.

I was born in 1987.

Is Akita connected to Fatima or separate?

It seems like some of it coming to fruition with Amoris Lattitia.


Connected only in that there is some overlap in messages. In Akita, there is the prophecy that "…one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their Confreres. " This was in the third and final message, on Oct. 13 1973, the anniversary of Fatima.


I see.

Have you ever heard of the Flame Of Love and Our Lady Of The Rosary Of San Nicholas in Argentina messages?

There both in diary format from what I understand and fully approved by the Church.


I think PopeBenedict said that the Message of Akita was the same as the unpublished Third Secret of Fatima.


He did before he was Pope but it’s not a direct quote it was something a Bishop stated that he said in a conversation.

It’s sort of like when Father Kramer said that Vladimir Putin asked for the consecration of Russia from Pope Francis and Pope Francis says we don’t speak about Fatima here, it’s second hand information it’s not one hundred percent reliable.

I found this out looking for the Joseph Ratzinger quote.


"One would be deceiving himself who thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded " …Pope Benedict to 500.000 faithful at Fatima on May 13, 2010 .

speaking of the Third Secret he also said …" are also pointed out realities of the future of the Church, which unfold and reveal themselves day by day.
"…todaywe see this in the most horrifyig way ; that the greatest persecution against the Church doesn’t come from its enemies outside, but from the sins within." …Pope Benedict XV1 speaking to the press on May 11 2010

Cadinal Ratzinger; The Third Secret concerns the dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore ( the life ) of the world. Cardinal Ratzinger , Jesus magazine, Nov.11 , 1984
…" the things contained in this " Third Secret " correspond to what has been announced in Scripture and has been said again and again in many other Marian apparitions, first of all that of Fatima in what is already known of what its message contains." Cardinal Ratzinger, Jesus magazine, Nov. 11, 1984.


Hurricane Ophelia, struck Ireland today as a Cat 3 hurricane. Ireland is currently debating amending its constitution to permit abortion on demand. Today happens to be the feast day of St. Gerard Majella, who is the patron of pregnant women and childbirth. Just sayin’ …

Ophelia has now passed over Ireland and is on its way to Great Britain as a tropical storm. Last I read, there were two confirmed dead in Ireland: a man who was killed using a chain saw to cut up a felled tree, and a woman who was impaled in her car by a falling tree limb. (Her passenger survived with minor injuries.)

Lord, please forgive them their sins and receive their souls into heaven.


Say, before we lost the old CAF, there was a delightful Irish lady (whose name I can’t recall) who frequently posted. She had moved to a small house in the countryside. With the rain I’m concerned about her. Has anyone been in contact with her?


No I think it was my fault I kind of ripped on her in the curmudgeon’s thread because she was acting rather snarky towards certain Catholics beliefs and practices and I didn’t realize that she was a fallen-away Catholic.

She may very well have created a new user handle as well.


I have been wondering about “Rosebud” myself. IIRC she posted on 2Rollin’Stoned prepper thread, too.

Hope she’s okay?!



Sister Lucia had already given an indication for interpreting the third part of the “secret” in a letter to the Holy Father, dated 12 May 1982:

The third part of the secret is a symbolic revelation, referring to this part of the Message, conditioned by whether we accept or not what the Message itself asks of us: ‘If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, etc.’.

Since we did not heed this appeal of the Message, we see that it has been fulfilled, Russia has invaded the world with her errors. And if we have not yet seen the complete fulfilment of the final part of this prophecy, we are going towards it little by little with great strides. If we do not reject the path of sin, hatred, revenge, injustice, violations of the rights of the human person, immorality and violence, etc.

And let us not say that it is God who is punishing us in this way; on the contrary it is people themselves who are preparing their own punishment. In his kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path, while respecting the freedom he has given us; hence people are responsible”.

It refers to the message, and it is given later in the document, including:

"…If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world”

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