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Welcome to End Times Speculation XXIII.

This is the 24th iteration of a thread that began in March or May of 2008, making this thread 11 years old. I’ve taken the liberty of adding “ver. 2.0” because we’re on the new, improved, ready-for-those-fancy-dancy-tools-of-satan-mobile-devices CAF. There will be some changes because apparently End Times Speculation XXII was cut down in the prime of life because both the Water Cooler and Back Fence forums were abandoned to the bit bucket.

I’m going to re-post some of the messages from the old thread to act like “stickies” so people can get an idea of what this thread is about.

At this point I would usually post links to previous End Times Speculation threads; however, those are unavailable at this time.

Oh, Jesus, please bless this thread and all those who read it and participate in it. Send your Holy Spirit to us and increase your understanding in us that we, unlike the Chief Priests and the Pharisees of old, may understand the signs of the times. We ask this in Your most holy Name and through the intercession of the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen

Perhaps those of you who were born in the faith do not realize what is written over the wide front gates of pearl …TAKE UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME. That is what I was promised when I joined your army.

It does not say, “Take up your little pink baby blanket,” does it?
Phillip C. Wright


All good things come to an end, and in this case ETS XXIII ended about half an hour ago, as of this writing. People, if one of your posts gets flagged, then stop, drop and roll. Rethink your topic, and see if it’s time to back away for a while. Or open up your own thread. I haven’t written to the admin about this, but it appears that the thread was closed after several of the posters started a he said/she said about the Prophecies of the Popes, attributed to St. Malachy. So not only was the thread off the rails but was degenerating into arguments over an unapproved prophecy. So, yeah, the thread was closed.

It was time to open a new thread, though, seeing as how that thread had been going since Sept. of 2017. Let’s see if we can get some new blood (figuartively speaking, of course – on the internet, I live by the rule "You kill it, You eat it.") into these discussions.

With that in mind, let’s get to the stickies:

After going through all those previous threads, I figured it might be a good idea to review some of the rules of the forum, so here goes:

  1. Since Catholic Answers won its lawsuit against the IRS, the previous rules against mentioning any politician by name has been removed. However, please limit your comments on politics to the subforums that have been set up for that purpose, so we can minimize the risk of thread drift. Also, it’s very easy to fall into speculation about who is the Antichrist-de-jour, but it’s not cool. Besides, if you’re right, you might find yourself being killed in some very graphic and highly imaginative way – I still remember seeing the guy lose his head in the original “The Omen” back in '76.

  2. (I’m going to emphasize this in bold, because #21 got shut down because someone posted photos and links that made a link between the presumptive Republican nominee and the Antichrist. DO NOT DO THIS! IT WILL BRING THE WRATH OF THE FORUM ADMINS DOWN UPON US!)

  3. So don’t pick names, pick dates. It’s much more fun, and besides, they’re delicious. Especially when they’re fresh. Cover them in whipped cream, drizzle a little honey on them – yum!

  4. There is also the standing CAF rule against promoting unapproved apparitions, locutions, prophecies, and the like. Given the nature of this thread, we have a little leeway, but it’s VERY little leeway – please use discretion and don’t push it. Specifically, discussing Garabandal or Medjugorje directly by name is a no-no. Do not discuss the latest news about those two sites, and PLEASE do not link to any web sites that either promotes or denigrates either of these alleged apparitions. If you really want to share something, work on a Google search that will point to the information you want to share, then tell someone to search on Google for X Y Z.

  5. Again, discretion is called for. A few threads back someone posted some information about the history of one of the sites that was highly inaccurate. I posted corrections with links to back up my statements; however, none of my comments or links had to do with the veracity or lack there-of of the site in question. Based on feedback that action was just within the lines. As always, we remain faithful to the Magisterium and will abide by any decisions made regarding any alleged apparition or locution.

  6. Also, if you are not Catholic or even Christian, you are welcome to post and we look forward to your insights. Be careful, though, not to fall into proselytization, i.e., continuing to ask why Catholics don’t believe XYZ after it’s been explained, or why we reject the religious messages of your particular founder. Such postings might be better served in the Non-Catholic Religions forum.

You might find it fun to go back and read the first three or four pages of each link, just to get a feel for what has changed and what has stayed the same over the past 8 years. Kinda like breaking out your high school yearbook and looking at it. (This option will be available as soon as the previous threads become available.)

Since these first few posts are going to act as stickies, I’m going to re-post some (edited) posts from previous threads to (hopefully) answer common complaints.


Probably because, depending on your view, it IS futile. We’re just trying to improve our understanding of eschatology.

Euro-Americentric? Given that pretty much ALL of the people who post on this forum are either European or American, is that a problem?

As for paranoid? Well, keep in mind that just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean THEY aren’t out to “get” you.

Welcome to the club.

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Originally Posted by NAMEWITHHELD
Well, my view is that trying to guess when the end happens is a waste of time better left for actually being Catholic and not whatever Protestant sect Tim LeHaye and Jerry Jenkins subscribe to. We can’t guess it. We will never guess it. We shouldn’t try to guess it.

< … snip happens … >

None of this serves any good. We are Catholics! I thought we were better than predicting the apocalypse in such a manner.

(I have to break up this message due to the 3200 character limit, so the reply is in the next message.)

(I had a bad week when that message was posted, so I ranted a little.)

< RANT >


This is the 24th iteration of this thread. Each thread has been about 1,000 messages long, because a limit in the old version of the forum software limited threads to 1,000. That limitation is no longer in effect, but we still do it anyway because it’s a good way of keeping track of message counts. People have been dropping in, reading and posting on this topic for 11 years. And in that time, every month or so, some newbie drops in, reads two or three of the most recent posts, then goes on to tell us what un-Catholic fools we are to be wasting our time on this subject and leaves, never to be heard from again.

Look at it this way: the word you’re looking for is “eschatology”. It means the study of the End Times. The fact that the professionals have a word just to describe the subject should tell you that it’s pretty important. The other word is “speculation”. We’re not focusing on building the End Times FAQ, we’re trying to deepen our understanding. Are some of the ideas “out there”? Maybe. And if they’re TOTALLY out there we’ll work it out using the CCC, Scripture, and the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

Things are happening in the world. 10 years ago no one would have predicted that “marriage equality” would be on anyone’s radar. Today, IRELAND, the most freakin’ Catholic country on the planet outside of Malta and maybe the Vatican, VOTED to change their constitution to allow for gay “marriage”. Every other instance the change was imposed by above, either small groups of politicians or a few activist judges. People are wondering what is happening, and if we as Catholics don’t have an answer other than patting people on the head and saying, There, there, don’t worry, it will be CENTURIES before anything happens; if then (which is what one of our deacons did to me when I first brought up the subject), then we ARE going to lose people to LaHaye and company.

So please do us the simple, common courtesy of going back and skimming through a few weeks of messages, and see what we’re talking about. THEN come back and tell us that such and such is wrong because here’s what it says in the CCC. Better yet, ask questions. Don’t wallow in vanity, believing that in this wild and wacky world of Roman Catholicism, with 2,000 years (4,000 if you count the Jewish writers of OT Scripture) of very learned people (both male and female – check out the writings of Hildegard of Bingen sometime) writing about eschatology, that everything can be summed up with “We’re Catholics – We don’t deal with such things.” You might get tripped up on the fact that the Magisterium has never made a definitive statement on what the End Times will be.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality.

< /RANT >

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And to be clear, we are NOT speculating on “The End Of The World”. Rather, we are speculating on the End of The Age.

Perhaps those of you who were born in the faith do not realize what is written over the wide front gates of pearl …TAKE UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME. That is what I was promised when I joined your army.

It does not say, “Take up your little pink baby blanket,” does it?
Phillip C. Wright

Signing up for the thread!!! Thanks to Governator for a quick reply directing me to it.

I was thinking lately of the coronavirus. Corona…crown…king. Might the 3 days of darkness be a way to stop it’s spread? Also, the virus is causing conditions where large gatherings like masses may not be permitted. Could this virus outbreak lead to sacraments not being available and masses not being able to be attended? I feel like these events are speeding up in frequency and intensity. Not to mention the locusts…

I think maybe I’d best send a note to everyone who had posted on the old thread telling them about the new thread.

RE: the sacraments not being available, it’s already happening in Singapore, where the bishops have forbidden recv’ing the host on the tongue, and where the Sunday Obligation has been lifted for the next 3 weeks.

The rumor is that all Catholic masses have been put on hold there in China. Anyone know if that’s true? It’ll be a harsh hit for global economy if Chinese workers aren’t showing up to their jobs. Globally, we are in for sompin’, that’s for sure. But it is quite amazing to see God’s hand in things, to watch His plan unfold amidst the turbulence. At the same time, we Christians can rest in the truth of the Glory Be prayer.

" It does not say, “Take up your little pink baby blanket,” does it?
Phillip C. Wright"

Thanks for keeping the thread alive, Muzhik. This quote keeps me goin :joy:

The real conspiracy isn’t so much Corona Virus but what are “They” Bill Gates, U.S Government, CDC, and WHO preparing the public for?

What are those that are part of the over population lobby trying to pull?

Global Warming, Over Population, Space Travel, Digital Transcendence all part of the same end goal the elevation of Man as his own god.

The elitist sitting on top of a new Olympus as the new patheon of secular gods and goddesses…

The Earth would be a paradise if humans weren’t on it or were smaller in number.

The worship of nature and the elements and the sacrifice of human life to the gods of gratification and depravity.

Man trying to rebuild the tower of Babel and the Garden of Eden.

If only these people understood that God promises a much greater paradise than Eden but an eternity with Him who is I Am.


I sure am glad someone finally said it.

So many locations with Sunday obligations lifted and/or The Blessed Sacrament not available…3 days of darkness?

S. Korea wants to charge the church leader where the virus spread …should certainly sound alarm bells.

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Well, maybe. I’ve been hearing that this church is a cult, where the members believe that the church founder/leader is Christ personified, or some such.


Oh, I know. I am not measuring the integrity of the cult/religion. It might have been any denomination …even Catholic in the firing line.
There will always be opportunists waiting to persecute. Widespread persecution of Christians seems always an event away these days.

Well, as I’ve been informed, “Hi everyone!”

It’s late… so I’ll get back to this…

Something I noticed

Total solar eclipses in 2017 and 2024 form an x over the USA right over the shrine of the miraculous medal in Perryville MO.

Only during a total solar eclipse can the corona of the sun be seen, corona means crown (of Mary?), with the outbreak of the coronavirus I believe they may be related.

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I’ve seen the virus predictions from a nothing burger all the way to hundreds of millions dead worldwide.

Maybe to be part of the end times, maybe this has to get up to the 1/3 level. (?)

Of course, there was a 80’s sci-fi novel about a virus that got out of China DNA lab, called Wuhan 700 if I recall correctly. Eerily predictive, including the city!

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Yes… End of This Age - implies more than End of This World…

Some Different religions , believe in an End to this Age…

Because of what is taught which shall accompany this End…
Most important is retaining Faith -

Do you mean where one-third of the population dies?

On another Catholic forum (Irish-based) someone pointed out that in all of the predictions of how bad this will get/won’t get/ whatever, especially compared to the common influenza, no one is pointing out that we’ve been living with influenza for years (?), while COVID-19 has only been with us for a couple of months and isn’t even close to spreading as far as it can. So far, it looks like it may be more fatal than originally thought, but that’s because we don’t know how far it will spread. AFAIK, it is more dangerous to older populations; I’ve seen nothing about fatalities or complications among those under the age of 12.

One thing we REALLY need to badger our priests to do: if local bishops declare that holy water fonts are to be emptied, then we need to make sure our priests make holy water available for people to take home with them and use at home. We need to make sure they will offer blessings and exorcisms of salt and water so people have those sacramentals available that are THERE to provide for both spiritual and physical health. If anyone is interested I’ll point you to my web site where I have a booklet available that has the old Roman Rituals for exorcising and blessing both salt and water. You can print it out and make it available to your priest and see if he’ll have this done for parishioners after Mass some day.

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One third of the population dies? Let’s see. What number is used for all the catastrophes that occur in the book of Revelations? Hmmm. Food for thought.

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