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A friend of mine received an email from a Priest in a different Parish claiming this (COVID-19) is all part of God’s end of times plan. He also sent the book by Christine Watkins called “The Warning” along with a link to Mark Mallett’s Blog on “Labor Pains” https://www.markmallett.com/blog/the-labor-pains-are-real/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=email_this&utm_source=email

Didn’t read the book, but Mallett’s Blog is scary stuff! I’m always skeptical of these Tribulation theories that surface so often. This book and Mallet’s blog seam a little far-fetched to me and reminds me of so many other “end of times” theories that have never come true. Is this just another one of those? Thoughts on Mallett’s Blog? A little surprised a Catholic Priest is forwarding some of this to a fellow Parishioner is all.

I not sure that i understand how the prophecy in Isaiah relates to Jerusalem. I thought that it referred to “all mankind” rather than any particular city.

I went and bought Christine Watkins’ book “The Warning” based on a number of compelling reviews of the book. For those who don’t know, “The Warning” is supposed to be one of three major “signs” that are to come. “The Warning” (aka “The Illumination of Conscience”) is supposed to be a “Road to Damascus” moment experienced by everyone in the world at the same time. It’s where you see your soul the way that G_D sees it, with all the rot and sin that you have allowed to accumulate. It’s not part of doctrine, but it HAS been mentioned in one form or another by various saints and Catholic mystics over the past few centuries, and especially in the past few decades.

Although it’s not intended to kill people, it’s possible that some will die of fright when they see how evil they truly are. The book is about the experiences a number of people have had with this “warning” in recent years. In every case it has been life-altering, in the way that many people who have had a near-death experience (NDE) report it to be. The Warning can be expected to be a get-off-the-fence moment for all of humanity, since everyone – Catholic, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, atheist – will all experience it. All will know it is from G_D, and that there IS a G_D, so no one will ever be able in good conscience to say “there is no proof of G_D so I do no believe”. Remember: G_D wants us all to repent and believe, so that we may all be with Him for all eternity. He’s going to use every way possible to convince us of His love and so gather us to Him.

As for Mark Mallet: I’ve been following him for the past decade. I’ve come to believe that he is a prophet in the Old Testament meaning of the word. In the OT, true prophets didn’t predict the future, they predicted the present. They were able to accurately read “the signs of the times” and so explain to the people what was happening in the world right now, and why. This is important: how can you trust someone to correctly extrapolate future events when they can’t even explain or understand what was happening around us right now?

Yes, Mark’s blog is scary. I haven’t kept up with it as well recently as I used to, but that’s because what he’s writing now is about fulfillment of what he wrote years ago, complete with footnotes and links. Since he’s Canadian, not American, he’s more willing to describe events in America without being in the political swamp that we’re in. And, as with the Warning, when it happens we can’t say that no-one warned us it was coming.


I recall writing to him and getting a response about 12 years ago, during the Iowa floods of 2008. I was reading a post by him that started with a report, with a picture, that one of the statues of Mary at Medjugorje had been damaged when her left hand had fallen off. It included multiple instances that people had recently written to him, describing how their own Marian statues had suddenly lost the left hand. These ranged from statues outside of churches, which you could attribute to vandalism, to garden statues (possible vandalism, but nothing else was damaged), to one case where a person’s statue of Mary had the left hand fall off, and nothing, no amount of superglue or anything else, could re-attach the hand. I immediately recognized what was happening and why.

In shore, Mary is gebirah, or The Mother of the King. This wasn’t just a title, it was an actual court position. In a time where a king could have many wives and concubines, he would have many children. He would pick his successor from among his boys, and that boy’s mother would become geberah. The new king would most likely be in his early 20s while his mother would have had decades of experience in court intrigue and politics and knowing where the bodies were buried – sometimes literally. Since you could not enter the presence of the king without being invited, people would approach the gebirah to make their petitions. If the Queen Mother agreed, she would present the request to her son, the King, and if it was in his power to do so he would be obliged to grant the request. (It’s the basis for Catholic practice to present our petitions to Mary, the Queen Mother.)

While court was in session, the Queen Mother would be sitting at the right hand of the king, listening to people make petitions. The king would make a decision and pass judgement, and seal that judgement by touching the petitioner with his staff, which he held in his right hand. (In modern terms, the scepter.) In biblical times this would be a staff of polished wood, but Scripture tells of the King ruling with a rod of iron. Now if the King were to make an incorrect judgement (in the view of the Queen Mother), she would use her left hand to stay the king’s judgement.

We have had all these apparitions where Mary talks about staying the judgement of her Son – she’s been holding back His Scepter from sealing the judgement with her left hand. Except … without her left hand, she is no longer able to stay her Son’s judgement against us.


Carmel, can you provide the scripture reference in Isaiah so we are all on the same page?

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I just now opened my favorite Catholic news aggregator (Spirit-Digest.com) and the headlined article is “Is COVID-19 a Chastisement? Ask Mary


Isaiah6615 (Undead rat favourite verse ) For behold the Lord will come with fire ,and his chariots are like the whirlwind …etc
Verse 19 continues And I will set a sign among them, and I will send o them that shall be saved to the gentiles into the sea into Africa and Lydia them that draw the bow; into Italy ad Greece to the islands afar off, to them that have not heard of me and have not seen my glory. From V15 to V24 in my DR Bible is headed -’ The Call of the Gentiles.’ There were prophecies shortly before the Fall of Jerusalem.
Voices were heard in the sky above and chariots were seen in the sky . It was an event of huge importance . Scott Hahn speaks about it in detail. I intend to look it up again and reresh my memory.

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it seems that 66:16 contains the phrase “against all mankind,” Jerusalem not being mentioned.

Jeremiah speaks of a disaster which spreads “from nation to nation,” and of the dead being scattered across the world “from end to end,” with Jerusalem once again not being mentioned.

Psalm 9:15 talks about the nations being caught in some kind of “trap” that they have built themselves.
9:16 talks about God’s judgment and about his making himself “known,” with the wicked becoming trapped by the devices that they have built.

Just read Mark Mallett blog post linked just up thread…wish I didn’t! Very scary stuff.

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Well, wait until tomorrow morning, with the sun shining; make a big bowl of popcorn, and read it again.

It might still scare you, but, hey! You’ve got popcorn!

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Only ‘scary’ if you lack Fortitude…
Actual Scriptural Prophecy is the Source to follow -

Now is the time of St Joseph…



Then there’s this…

This was also a very interesting take on Benedict’s place regarding having “2 popes”.

This video really had me thinking, it sent me down a worm hole. I’m currently reading Saint John Paul the Great (Evert) and The Second Greatest Story Ever Told (Gaitley). In the latter, Gaitley connects the dots in his clear and inspirational style between JP2, Fatima, and the end times message of Divine Mercy. I highly recommend it to the followers of this thread.

I haven’t been working very much during this covid period. Instead, I’ve been doing lots of thinking, reading, and praying. I often look at this picture and know my family is safe in her arms,

, and I pray to Saint Joseoh to pray to Jesus to take care if our family’s daily bread. So far, he has.

After watching the video linked here of the night sky occurring in China during the annual communist forum, I started reading up on history of Chinese communism. Anyhow, I have no particular insight on these things, but, I do have an idea I wanted to share here. I wonder if we could send Chinese citizens images of The Divine Mercy Jesus to their home addresses. What do you think? Its another one of my crazy ideas. How can we even get Chinese home addresses??


Yes! It’s crazy! It’s insane! It’s … intriguing…

First of all, I would recommend against using the mails. There’s no telling what the CCP would do against anyone found to be recv’ing anti-Party propaganda from a foreign nation. Not to mention anyone found to have such material in their possession.

A MUCH better idea would be to fax the image over. Due to its writing system, China (and Japan, for that matter) excelled at developing fax technology, and fax machines became common in Chinese businesses. This came into play during Tienanmen Square, when the student protesters were able to tell their friends and relatives in the West what was happening. The CCP may have upped their game to allow fax calls to be intercepted the same as voice calls; still … You’d have to talk this over with a Chinese Catholic Christian with ties to the Mainland and access to a fax machine.


I teach Chinese students English online on a platform called VIPKID. So yeah, I’m paid to willingly have myself taped teaching English to children that the CCP I’m sure has access to🤣. We’re not allowed to have maps of the world in our back ground, because our maps showing China’s boundaries is different than what the Chinese citizens are aware of (think Hong Kong and Tibet, part of China according to China as far as their citizens know). But I’ve often wondered if there’s any ”sign” the underground church goers would recognize if I happened to harmlessly have in my back ground. 💁

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What is the Chinese ideogram for the word for the animal “fish”. You know, as in “ICHTHYS”?


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We could send the images to the officials, instead. Now THAT would be intriguing. :japanese_goblin:

Mother Mary, Pray for your children in Hong Kong. Protect them. :heartpulse:

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