End Times Theology: Premillennialism

What do non-Catholics believe about end times? Will Jesus reign on earth for a thousand years? Will Christians be “raptured”? Are the end times here…?

Among Protestants there are three basic views of “end times”.

  1. Amillennialism, which teaches the millenniam in Revelation is symbolic. This historically has been the view of the Catholic Church and most Reformed Protestants.
  2. Postmillennialism, sees the thousand years more as a figurative term for a long period of time in which the forces of Satan will gradually be defeated by the expansion of the Kingdom of God throughout history up until the second coming of Christ. This view was very popular 100 years ago. One of the reasons WW1 was called “the war to end all wars” was based on this view.
  3. Premillennialism believes that Jesus will literally and physically be on the earth for His millennial reign at his second coming. The doctrine is called premillennialism because it holds that Jesus’ physical return to earth will occur prior to the inauguration of the millennium. This is the view of fundamentalist and evangelical Christians.

Among these three you will find subcategories and SUB subcategories that divide churches and denominations. Many make the “end times view” part of their doctrinal statement that must be agreed upon if one wants to join the church.

Are the “more recent” views supported by Scripture? Or is this part of “protestant tradition?”

What about the great apostasy? Is this it? I suppose one could make that claim in this period.

I just read an interesting article about this subject, with links to other articles.
If you have the time to read them all it sheds a floodlight on the whole mess.


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I grew up with the rapture theology of the Southern Baptist Church; but no longer find it credible.

I loved Scott Hahn’s book The Lamb’s Supper The Mass as Heaven on Earth, which describes/develops the relationship between the Book of Revelation and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Hahn’s perspective is different from anything I had read or considered before.

I would say that this non-Catholic has not come to a clear understanding of how end time events will unfold. So, I look forward to further comments on this forum.


Hi Anna! Yes, I’m familiar with your background. :wink:

I am currently reading the Lamb’s Supper, which led to this thread. Hopefully we’ll see some responses from “pre-millenialists” (too bad our resident Southern Baptist, Calgar, is no longer participating in this forum).

I know. I was sorry to see Calgar go. We do have other Baptists on the forum. Perhaps they will weigh in and other non-Catholics, as well.

When I started reading The Lamb’s Supper, I couldn’t put it down.


There’s amill, postmill, and premill (only one with a literal thousand years); when you get past them. you have pretrib, midtrib, and posttrib. The Catholic Church has been basicly posttrib and amill for the past two thousand years. :confused: (runs out of building screaming):eek:


I really thought this thread would get more play. I hope more people will post.

I tend to be amillenial myself and take no dogmatic stance on the other issues. It is enough that Christ has died, Christ is risen and Christ will come again. Beyond that I don’t go.

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Me too, Anna! (Just about finished with the Lamb’s Supper).


Scott Hahn has a study on Revelation that is good and he recommends David Chilton, Days of Fire and Vengance as a Postmillenial view book. My understanding of end times is that it will come. What is certain is that my time will end and whether it coincides with all time who knows?

What’s your take on the book so far?


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I’ll check it out.


I highly recommend it!


Jesus will not reign in the flesh on earth for only for a literal thousand years. (Jesus is said to reign on earth in the Eucharist now by some people.) Jesus will come again and reign forever, and the earth will be the ‘new’ earth which is restored to its original state and thus becomes some kind of extension of heaven. All those who died in state of grace will be there too. Christians will not be raptured as per the definition for rapture used by Protestants. The last days began with Jesus. On the other hand what we typically mean by ‘end times’ which aligns with Rev. chapter 20’s Short Time of Satan (also called the Time of the End in Daniel) that comes just before the return of Jesus is here, in my and many others’ opinions.

God bless you.

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