End times v End of the World

Is there any place for the belief in a temporal Kingdom of Christ (Rev 20) to come before the Last Judgment? Some claim this “spiritual millenium” is imminent, but the Popes teachings in this matter do not support that view.
An interesting book review on the prophetic teachings of popes concerning the final coming of Jesus:
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With respect to the Mark Mallett link, there are various errors in it. In Heralds of the Second Coming on page 206, it quotes the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as ruling out any era of peace to come before the end of the world:
“These alleged revelations predict an imminent period when the Antichrist will prevail in the Church. In millenarian style, it is prophesied that God is going to make a final, glorious intervention which will initiate on earth, even before Christ’s definitive coming, an era of peace and universal prosperity.”
There are also quotes from St John Paul II and Benedict XVI that also rule out any substantial changes to society or individuals until the final coming of Jesus.
One problem that is highlighted by adherents to the temporal kingdom theory is that they have a narrow understanding of mllenarianism-that it basically applies to chiliasm only. Actually that is not the case. Pope Benedict in 2007 referred to liberation theology as a modern form of millenarianism: “It is now obvious that these facile millenarianisms - which as a consequence of the revolution promised the full conditions for a just life immediately - were mistaken. Everyone knows this today”(9 May 2007)
Heralds of the Second Coming by Stephen Walford argues that the popes have warned of the approaching return of the Lord through discernment of the signs Jesus gave in the Gospels and the Letters of St Paul, while ruling out this era of peace theory.

Can you point them out.

Well apart from the fact that I have quoted a magisterial document of the CDF on pg 206 of the book which rules out any era of peace before the end, and in the original document on the vatican website refers to it as a doctrinal error, Mr Mallett says the 1952 theological commision was a “magisterial” teaching. Theological commissions do not speak for the magisterium, they have no weight from that point of view. They are consultative bodies only.
Also Mr Mallett confines millenarianism to chiliasm or a political utopian view. He misses the point of Benedict VXI that millenarianism promises the condictions of a just life immediately-something that cannot happen until the end of the world and the new heaven and new earth.
Contrary to what is in the article, the Church has ruled out a temporary era of peace.

Surely, the book tells you which CDF document it is, doesn’t it?

Such an occurrence is not excluded, is not impossible, it is not all certain that there will not be a prolonged period of triumphant Christianity before the end. If before that final end there is to be a period, more or less prolonged, of triumphant sanctity, such a result will be brought about not by the apparition of the person of Christ in Majesty but by the operation of those powers of sanctification which are now at work, the Holy Ghost and the Sacraments of the Church. —The Teaching of the Catholic Church: A Summary of Catholic Doctrine, London Burns Oates & Washbourne, p. 1140, from the Theological Commission of 1952, which is a Magisterial document.

Where does it say teaching? All is see is that it is a “Magisterial document”.

Yes of course the book is fully documented. the CDF document is from the doctrinal notification on Vassula Ryden’s alleged revelations. Oct 6, 1995 available on the Vatican website.
My point about the theological commision is that it is not magisterial. Ask yourself this: would the commision that told Pope Paul VI to ok contraception be viewed as magisterial?

And yet, the International Theological Commission is a branch of the CDF. As is the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”, the Pontifical Biblical Commission and the Interdicasterial Commission for the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Yes, " the commision that told Pope Paul VI to ok contraception" is magisterial and Pope Venerable Paul VI overruled it.

Commissions are definately* not *magisterial-they advise. This quote is from Cardinal Ratzinger’s speech on the 100th anniversary of the pontifical biblical commission:
“With the motu proprio Sedula Cura, Paul VI completely restructured the Biblical Commission so that it was no longer an organ of the Magisterium, but a meeting place between the Magisterium and exegetes, a place of dialogue in which representatives of the Magisterium and qualified exegetes could meet to find together, so to speak, the intrinsic criteria which prevent freedom from self-destruction, thus elevating it to the level of true freedom”
By definition, magisterium is the official teaching of the Church, therefore if commisions were magisterial, they would not need approval of the Pope or CDF. Again, we know the Medjugorje commision is not magisteral; it advises the CDF who in turn decide what to to after consultation with the Pope

So, in 1952, it was “an organ of the Magisterium”.

The Commission Mark Mallett mentions is some sort of “Theological Commission”, not the Pontifical Biblical Commission. Also it was only in 1969 that Pope Paul VI instituted the current “International Theological Commission”, before that there was no Theological Commission under the CDF. On that point, one of the endorsees of *Heralds of the Second Coming *on the back cover is a current member of the International Theological Comission, Rev Professor Thomas J Norris who states: “Avoiding millenarism, he (Stephen Walford) finds here a divine-human drama, detecting in it the deepest level of history”- therefore again ruling out a temporal era of peace. There is absolutely no justification for claiming that the Popes have taught the coming of a new era before the end of the world. In fact it is the total opposite. Even the quoted bit from that 1952 commission has been twisted into something it was not. For instance saying it is possible that there may be a prolonged period of triumphant Christianity before the end is not the same as saying a supposed “Kingdom of the Divine Will”(that Mark Mallett teches) will reign where virtually everyone lives completely in the divine will on earth. The commission was almost certainly talking about the spread of Christianity through the ordinary working of the Holy Spirit and the Sacraments. I repeat again the CDF has ruled it out in the Vasula Ryden notification saying the idea of an era of peace within history is a doctrinal error.

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