End times?


I am new here and still trying to find my way around, so this has probably been asked before but I can’t find it. So, What is the Catholic Church position on the 1000 year reign of Jesus?


Welcome to the forum. We have been in the “end times” so to speak, since the incarnation. Don’t fret about the day, it will come, be ready everyday, that is His message. Actually I’m looking forward to the end, be it today or tomorrow, be it just for me or for everyone, what does it matter? We don’t know the day, why worry about it? Be ready every minute of every day, and pray for the end.


Jesus reigns eternally. He is GOD.


Hi Grandpa,
One source that might be a good investment for you to study would be Beginning Apologetics #8 from San Juan Catholic Seminars.

Beginning Apologetics 8: How to Explain and Defend the End Times: What Catholics believe about the Second Coming, the Rapture, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Indulgences. (40 pages, $5.95)

Well worth it!


The Church says NO to the literal millenial reign:

In recent times on several occasion the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office has been asked what must be thought of the system of mitigated Millenarianism, which teaches, for example, that Christ the Lord before the final judgment, whether or not preceded by the resurrection of the many just, will come visibly to rule over this world. The answer is: The system of mitigated Milenarianism cannot be safely taught.

                           --Decree of the Holy Office, July 21, 1944


From the Navarre Bible Commentary on Revelations 20:4-6:

Various interpretations have been offered for this “thousand years”. The “millenarian” interpretation, supported by some early writers, takes the passage literally and says that after the resurrection of the dead Christ will reign on earth for a thousand years; the Church has never accepted this interpretation. Like the other numbers mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the number of one thousand should be taken as more symbolic than arithmetic. It may be a reference to the period that runs from the incarnation of Christ to the end of time. It is also possible to see this millenium as a reference to a world of the future after the second coming Christ; or simply as a symbolically long time contrasting with the “little while”. (vs 3) It could also be that the author is fusing two notions current in Judaism in his time–one which saw the end of time as a messianic kingdom on earth, and the other which saw that End as a future which transcends this world, with the new appearance a new world–a new heaven and a new earth.

Our Lord Jesus Christ depicts the establishment of the messianic Kingdom as happening in two stages–his first coming, in which he demonstrates his power over the devil and inaugurates the Kingdom of God; and his second coming at the end of time, when that kingdom will be established in its full, finished form. **That is why we see St. Augustine’s explanation of the millenium as the most satisfactory. According to him, this millenium covers the time between the incarnation of the Son of God and his coming at the end of the world. ** During this period the activity of the devil is to some degree restricted; he is in some way enchained. Christ reigns fully in the Church triumphant and he reigns in the Church militant in an incomplete way…

(For those unfamiliar with the terms: “Church triumphant” refers to those who are in heaven; “Church militant” to those of us still here on earth.)

As you can see, there is no one official interpretation.


Scott Hahn has a great study on the book of revalations.called “the End” comes in multi formats.:thumbsup:


Pre-millennial dispensationalism is not a teaching of the Church

While it sells a lot of books it is a 19th century idea that has caught the public imagination


Thanks every one who offered an answer.
I have not been worried about the end times. I too look forward to the end.
This question came up the other night and I could not remember a good answer. I will buy the book on apologetics sugested.


What church do you think is raped by the beast? :smiley:


Id hate to seem like some sort of hate monger but in all honesty who else fits that description? any ideas?


Good idea. In the meantime, here are some ready resources:


Here’s a website with several articles from a Catholic perspective regarding this subject. The writer is Carl Olsen, the author of the best selling book “Will Catholics Be Left Behind?”


If you’re looking for other good books on the subject by Catholics, look for the following:

The Rapture Trap, by Paul Thigpen

Rapture, by David Currie

If you prefer tapes or CDs, I’d recommend:

The Rapture Files, by Tim Staples
The Rapture Revealed, by David Currie
(both available from St. Joseph’s Communications)

Will You Be Left Behind?, by Carl Olsen
(Same link as above)

Catholics & The Rapture, by Patrick Madid

Introduction to Prophecy, by Steve Wood
Delusions of Rapture & Prophecy, by Steve Wood and Paul Thigpen
familylifecenter.net/cart… ser=51422080

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Who do you think fits the description?


So, What is the Catholic Church position on the 1000 year reign of Jesus?

This is why the Second Ecumenical Council–Constantinople I–added “Whose kingdom shall have no end” to the Nicene Creed: to reject chiliasm (belief in a literal earthly millennium).


I believe the position of the Catholic Church, and of many historical Protestant churches is 'a’millennial. The millennium spoken of in Revelation is symbolic.
I used to be a believer in the whole Dispy, premillennial ‘theology’. Until one day someone pointed out to me the first verse in Revelation: “John sent and signified it (the book)”. Meaning John wrote the book in signs and symbols.
With one strike my Dispy interpretation was shattered and my road back to the Church was paved.


This is what the Church has taught since at least Augustine. It is supported by Benedict XVI statement in “John the Seer of Patmos”:

“…His purpose is constituted once and for all by the revelation, starting with the death and Resurrection of Christ, of the meaning of human history…”

You may be interested in this review of Robert Sungenis’ book on the Apocalypse.


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