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My bible study teacher has told us time and time again that NO ONE knows when the world will end, that even Jesus didn’t know. She said it could be tomorrow or a million years from now. So… I recently heard of some book that said JPII and some other Popes had ideas about the end times, sounding like they will be occurring soon.

St Faustina said something about this topic too.

Did our new Saint, other Popes and St. Faustian know something even Jesus, Himself didn’t know?


No one knows when it will happen.

You may want to look at the End Times Speculation thread:

We can speculate, but we well never know for sure. We don’t have a pool for the closest day / hour. We just “wait in joyful hope.”



We do know what signs to look for based on the teachings of Christ and the prophets. No one knows the day or hour except God the Father.


Check out “The End of the present world” by Fr Charles Arminjon. Its not new , it been in print a very long time and is recommended by St Therese of Lisieux



The book of Revelations says that there will be a thousand years of peace first. It doesn’t look like hat happened yet.


Various popes have condemned the idea that Christ did not know everything and especially the day of the Last Judgement. Matthew 24:36, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone” should be understood to mean that Christ does not know it from his humanity or that He does not wish to make it known. Cf. Did Jesus know the day and the hour of the Apocalypse?


No one knows. Live as if it will end three minutes from now. That’s all.



Whether the Second Coming happens tomorrow or in 200 years sometime between now and then I think it is a safe bet to say everyone on this board will meet the Lord in that time. Therefore live each day in the expectation that today may be the day you meet the Lord, because it may be.

God Bless


I’ll pass, it would probably freak me out.


Does it really say that? I avoid Revelation…


I used to be terrified of prophetic literature. Now I am quite comfortable reading it. It’s important to keep this in mind:

“In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!” - Our Lady of Fatima

“I am preparing the work of My mercy; I desire a new resurrection of Society but it will be a work of love.” - Jesus to Servant of God, Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero


Is your answer “no” to my question about if the Popes or St. Faustina would know if we’re nearing the end times?


It is true no one can know the exact day or hour…BUT, Jesus also gave the faithful signs to watch out for, so they will know when he is at the door, I think alot of people forget this fact and like to just say, ‘NO ONE can know the day or hour’.

Its also important to keep in mind, Jesus said many of these signs would not be able to be understood until the times were right, so depending on how you take that, end times could be now. Im on the fence about this, however I do think its pretty important that many of these ‘signs’ we are able to understand in our modern times, that is probably pretty significant.


If Easter Beagle is right , we have at least 1000 years if not more.


Is Easter Beagle right, that we have to have 1000 years of peace before the end?

  1. We’ve been living in the end times since Jesus came.

  2. No, there’s not going to be a thousand years of peace. If you want to look up this topic, it’s called “chiliasm” (chilias = 1000 in Greek) or millenarianism, and certain forms of the belief were defined as a heresy back in the 4th century.

Christ’s Kingdom is the Church. 1000 is the number of absolute perfection (10 x 10 x 10), so a thousand years is pretty much forever. Christ will always reign, this is not news.

  1. We know not the day nor the hour. There’s no cheat code to get around that.


We learned about us living in the end times in Bible study, the times are divided into three portions; the times before Jesus came, the time during His life and from Pentacost to whenever the end comes. (I think I got that right). Anyway, are the signs of the end somehing new and indicative the end is soon or were these signs there all along since Pentacost?


I read something that said three things have to happen before the end: a great apostasy, the conversion of Isreal, and something else I forgot. Is that true?
Because none of the things seem to be close to happening.


Because GOD told Daniel to “seal” up the book until the end times… I do not immediately discount the things people like Darby had to say… he may at least be PARTIALLY correct.

From what I understand the book of Rev. has to be read within the contexts of the books of Daniel, Isiah, and Ezekiel, as well as Matthew.

Some of the things prophesied were that the Jewish people would be scattered and would be regathered back into a nation towards the end.

There is a good film on Netflix called the Daniel Project, which looks into the OT prophesies of the end times and possible “interpretations” and correlates it with what is happening in the world i.e. Israel becoming a nation again. I am not saying that it is the "correct’ interpretation… but definitely gets one thinking about the possibilities.


Its pretty obvious that global apostasy has occurred and is only growing. Thousands of Muslims are converting to Christianity, never before seen in history (the Jews could very well be next). The Gospel has been spread throughout the whole world, and in this dag and age with technology its even easier.

Obviously the Antichrist must come, that hasnt happened yet.

Btw, Jesus said no one knows the hour. He didnt say no one knows the times, in which he described several signs that would signal the coming of the end.

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