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I have recently read the thread on the three days of darkness. Is the minor chastisement, age of peace, major chastisement, and four last things traditional? Is this the traditional order of end time events. And where would the Three Days of Darkness fall into that? What will happen to the Church, will there be a pope? a Mass? sacraments? And rules? Or will it be mass chaos? Thanks for the responses.

It’s no credit to so-called “traditional Catholics” that they get involved in, frankly, nonsensical discussions about the increasingly horrible things that they or others prognosticate for the end of the world.

You know not the day nor the hour. Worry about participating in the liturgy, loving one another, being devoutly expectant…when the disciples kept asking the aged apostle John for advice, he told them to love each other…nothing else. He didn’t scare them with “Three Days of Darkness” or reversing poles or Mayan astronomy.

A good lesson for all.

Another good lesson for all is to know that the end will come, that God is just, and that we should keep in mind that the end may come today for each of us. Contemplating end times is a healthy endeavor, for it causes a person to think about where they stand with God…always a good thing.

What is commonly called the “minor chastisement” is talked about pretty heavily in tradition - that is, in approved private revelations, writings of the saints through the ages, etc. - but it is not something definate or defined by the Church, it is conditional on man’s response to God’s grace. The “age of peace” would be in a similar catagory I believe…and that would be a period of peace granted to the world after the minor chastisement but prior to the major chastisement. The major chastisement, however, is definite, it is as unavoidable as the Second Coming of Our Lord and the Final Judgement.


And where would the Three Days of Darkness fall into that?

The Three Days of Darkness would be toward the end of the minor chastisement.

What will happen to the Church, will there be a pope? a Mass? sacraments? And rules? Or will it be mass chaos?

The Church will, of course, survive - how devastating it will be who knows? It may be driven underground for a time as in the first few centuries, sacraments may be hard to find, pope may be assasinated/killed, etc. We just don’t know. Bottom line, stay faithful, pray, stay close to the Sacraments, and heed all the approved private revelations Our Lord has been so generous to give us…they always point back to the Gospel and living a truly Christian life anyway.

As someone else here pointed out, the book ***Trial, ***Tribulation and Triumph: Before During and After AntiChristis an exhaustive and intense study of the End Times (including an examination of the conditional minor chastisement) using Scripture, Tradition, and *approved *private revelation as sources.

Vivo Cristo Rey!


The end times is this when you die you will be judged by Jesus. This is particular judgment. Particular judgment is the doctrine that immediately after death the eternal destiny of each separated soul is decided by the just judgment of God, even if the full effect of the judgement will be brought about later, perhaps only at the Last Judgment, when body and soul are reunited in the resurrection of the dead.

I have heard that the church says that there is an order of events for the end of the world. Here is the order:

*]Conditional Minor Chastisement
*]Age of Mary
*]Major Chastisement
*]The Resurrection of the Body
*]The General Judgment
*]The Consummation of Things
Is this Catholic? or was I misinformed? Have I missed anything?

Here is a link to download this past lents Traditional mission-


it was Preached by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea

and it was on the four last things -


Very Traditional

Re the end times.

2 books I heartly recommend is

1: The Book of Destiny by Fr H. B. Kramer

Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven

By Fr. Martin von Cochem, O.S.F.C.

The first is a 30 yr study on the Apocolypse
The second is self explanatory… lol

God Bless those who read them.

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