Ender's saga and Shadow saga

I’ve been reading Orson Scott Card’s Ender saga and its parallel sequel, The Shadow Saga. (it’s not a true sequel because it focuses on a different character rather than taking place after the Ender saga) Has anyone else here read them?

I’ve read a fair bit of the Ender books and the Shadow ones as well. Not all of them but a fairly large percentage. I think he has wore the initial premise and settings out a bit as time went on. The initial book ‘Ender’s Game’ is rightfully seen as a major work within sci-fi but Card has a tendency to stretch his material thin in sequels. I don’t know if you’ve read his Alvin Maker books at all but I felt they were really running out of steam at points. I remember when they got card into write Iron Man comics a few years back and because he is vocally opposed to homosexuality this caused a massive uproar.

I researched Card and found out he’s a Mormon. Does any of the Morman philosophy come out in his books?

A fair bit does yes. His views on homosexuality I referenced above are distinctly linked to his been Mormon. His family has long links back to early and prominent Mormons. I must say when he got taken of writing the comic I mentioned above some of the complaints against him were pretty bigoted. The Alvin Maker books are more of showcase than the Ender ones for Mormonism as the former are set at roughly the time Joseph Smith would have lived and some of the characters are plainly meant to reference this.

I originally read the novella of Ender’s Game so even the novel seemed stretched

The original novella appeared when I was 4 years old or so, I’ve never read it therefore so you could well be right. As I said I think Card has a tendency to milk ideas dry too much and stretch things out to endless multi-book length sagas with diminshing returns of quality as time goes on.

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