Endometriosis and future kids


I was wondering where I stand with the Catholic church because I have endometriosis that seems to get worse as I age I am currently 22 and I take birth control pills. I am regularly in pain around the clock and after one or two children I would like to have a hysterectomy is this against Catholic teachings because I can’t imagine living in pay day to day.


If a hysterectomy is medically indicated due to your endometriosis, certainly you could proceed with the operation. The Church has no teaching against legitimate medical treatments, including removal, for diseased organs.


I don’t think you’re going to run into a problem. Really it just sounds like you’re putting of the enevitable in order to try to have children. Seems fair.

I have a teeny tiny amount, and I can’t imagine how bad your pain is, as I double over regularly. And yeah, I have a feeling my uterus is on its way out… just hanging on as long as I can manage to keep the girly hormones flowing… But you can only put up with so much…


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