Endometriosis treatment

My OBGYN would like me to have a laproscopy to look for endometriosis and remove it with lasers if it is there. I am debating whether I should do this or should just take the hormones prescribed for endometriosis without confirming that I have endometriosis.

I am 36 with three children and no plans to try to conceive again. My complaint is pelvic pain for the past three years. I went to the doctor because my periods have become very irregular, and I thought I could be in early menopause because I have many symptoms, except no hot flashes. My hormone levels were all normal.

I am looking for people who have had laproscopy or treatment for endometriosis to ask what its like- how difficult a surgery, how risky, worth it or not- and what the hormones were like if you were prescribed them.

I had severe endometriosis. If you e-mail me privately at dawncatholic@yahoo.com, I can send you a story I wrote for a Catholic newsletter about the wonderful treatment I received from a doctor trained in Natural Procreative Technology. These doctors are all over the country and have actually found endometriosis in women that other doctors have declared free of lesions. Their goal is to correct the underlying problem and to restore the woman to health, not just cover up the problem. I was doubled over in severe pelvic pain for as long as I can remember, but it got really bad after the birth of my third child–almost daily But after my surgery in Dec. 2005, I have been totally pain free.


I had a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis. It turned out I didn’t have it, fortunately, and once I knew that, I was able to treat the almost-constant pelvic pain effectively with natural remedies. It’s much better now.

The surgery did feel invasive, but not nearly as much as it could have, and I think I was completely recovered within two weeks. Of course, potential laser removal adds to the invasive-ness.

But with a trustworthy doctor, it’s an extremely safe procedure as surgeries go and you won’t even have a noticeable scar. :slight_smile: This is only my experience and everyone’s different, but I suffered far more from taking hormone treatments than I did from the surgery.

Thank you for the response! I have still not decided about the surgery. I am unsure of my OBGYN’s experience doing these surgeries, since this is a new doctor who has taken over for my old OBGYN who retired. I may ask my primary doctor what he thinks.

What did you do for the pelvic pain? I am also in almost constant pain. I take 1600 mg of ibuprofen a day.

Thanks for this! I sent you an email this morning.

I’ve had 3 surgeries for endometriosis. All three were laparoscopic. The last one was done by a NaPro trained doctor & lead to me being pain-free. The surgery is not that invasive - its an out-patient procedure. The worst part for me was that the fluid he put inside me drained between my legs & caused some very interesting intimate swelling. :frowning: Other than that, I recovered very quickly - I was back to work within a week. The incisions were very small & healed easily for all three.

The only way this surgery can get seriously invasive is if they have to actually do a laparotomy to get all the endometriosis tissue. That was an option that my NaPro doc told me about prior to the surgery. He wanted to make sure he got all the tissue so I would be pain-free. Anyway, it wasn’t necessary, but possible.

I strongly suggest contacting a NaPro trained doctor and/or one that has more information on actually treating endometriosis rather than covering up symptoms w/ bc and pain med prescriptions.

Do not seek medical information on CAF. Contact your medical health professional to discuss serious issues such as risk and recovery.

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