:(Hi there i am a 26 year ols woman and i have endometriosis. This is a disease which is too much linen of the womb inside and outside the womb therefore when i menistrate the extra linen does too causing adhesions very painfull and can leave a woman infertile as it as left me this way i thank god he blessed me with a son before i became infertile he is nearly nine years old now. I found out five years ago after a laperoscomy (surgery cameras into the womb) that i have grade 4 endometriosis. I was devistated as my husband and i wanted a large family. Since then i have had various treatments zoladex 1 injection into the belly every month for six months this is a hormone which chmicly put my body through the menopause as they said this would trick my body into healing process. after the treatment my body would be normal and i would menostrate again it was a tempory fix. This didnt work for me, i became moody,parinoid and depressed not to mention the hot flushes. After i came off the tratment the pain was worse than before and i began to menestrate for over three months at which point i was rushed into hospital with severe pain. They have me now on a hrmone treatment called northisterone. Take 1 tab three times a day for 3 months then take a week of to menistrate and keep doing this it stops me bleeding altogether. i asked how long will i have to take it they said up to 16 years. WHAT!! I said what will happen next and they say im to young for a hysterectomy and there is to date no cure. Im unhappy as the hormone treatment is all they can offer it makes me feel different not like a woman. Should i even be taking a hormone treatment? How does the catholic faith look on this?


I don’t know but I know you are well loved by God for being privledged to share in Jesus’ Passion like this :slight_smile:


From a moral standpoint…

I’m pretty positive you can be taking hormone treatments, because you are sick. You are allowed to take something as long as your conidtion requires it.

If you are 100% infertile, known for a fact (which I guess is hard to know), then you can get a hysteroctomy as well.


Thank you for replying. I am infertile but the doctor explained to me by giving me a hysterectomy and by removing my overies i would then have to go on HRT (hormone replacment treatment) he said that as i am only 26 he does not want to do that. His words to me were " if i remove your overies you would not be a woman as the overies reilese the hormone that makes you a woman so you wont be woman nor man:eek: what would you be". This upset me a little and scared me too. Beleive me i am looking for closure on this but i dont think that there will be closure anytime soon.


Get a second opinion. Has the lining grown over the ovaries? A partial surgical procedure can be done where just the uterus is removed and the ovaries are left if they are healthy.Some times they can leave one ovary to provide a small amount of natural estrogen to protect your overall health.


If you are asking about a moral point of view- the church allows us to take treatments that might affect our fertility if we have a disease that requires that treatment. You are fine there.

I’m sorry you are going through so much. While you making your decisions try to unite your sufferings to Christ and offer up as much as you can for those you know who need the help.


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