"Endorsed by the Vatican" at Target

So I’m in Target last night in the DVD section and ran across a prominently displayed copy of the 1986 film Therese, complete with a sticker on the front saying “Endorsed by the Vatican!” I don’t really have too much to say except that I’m pretty impressed in Target not only stocking the shelves with an overtly Catholic film that isn’t Passion of the Christ, but also keeping it with the rest of the “Drama” DVDs and not relegating it to the corners.

The fact that they also were selling Blood Simple*, The King of Kong, and some other pretty good movies that aren’t directed by Michael Bay had me rethinking my general aversion to big box stores.

Haven’t seen the movie, but its got some good reviews. I’d love to know if anyone’s seen it, and if so is this is a purchase or Netflix situation.*

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