Enduring Truth and the Absolute

Do we believe in this? Eg. Are the 10 commandments relevant today, or should Moses get with the program & move into the 21st century? Should Jesus also, when He said He has come to fulfil the law, not do away with it.
Or have we moved on & left this ‘law’ behind. Or does it depend on who’s saying it?
Is it true, that while some things do.change, other things will never. Thoughts from the wise?

Honor your father and your mother is a commandment that has been completely thrown out.

The commandment of our secular age is:
Fathers and Mothers: honor your children in all that they do as they are on the right track and you are not.
Children: honor not your father and mother because they are wrong and simply do not understand your own special needs.

This law is not an accident. The implementation of this law is of great importance to secular understanding of life. It is important for children to turn away from the past, their heritage. their mother and father in order to embrace the rule of the secular state.

The need for evangelizing children is always great to overcome the secular world and it’s philosophies. Many parents are not aware that they do have a power to do this. Bringing Jesus Christ into family life with words and example is very effective. What many parents don’t realize is that when they do they become prophets for Christ, they relay the truth to their children and God will back them up. It doesn’t mean the children become obedient, loving and respectful (all at once) It means when they disobey the truth of what you learned about Christ for their good will be enforced. When it is, they may disagree with you but they can’t deny you. You have the world, and the devil against you, and they do too. You are waging a spiritual battle. A close relationship with Christ is so essential in everyone’s life, especially to survive the onslaught of the secular world, and the devil. If the children are not in the state of grace, they are victims. They are helpless to combat what they don’t understand and don’t see. It takes unconditional love, and prayer to help them survive. The temptation to tell them to leave, and don’t let the screen door hit them in the back on the way out of your home is there when they are incorrigible, Understanding what they are up against and what is needed to counter these forces is essential. To cultivate an ability to dialogue with your children is worth praying for, and sometimes this is very hard to do, we have to conquer ourselves first, anger can make us bite our lips, and we can experience a great deal of frustration. Prayer is needed at such times and a determination to see it through.

The 10 commandments are still “relevant” (and more).
Big topic. Quick sound bite from Wikipedia (I know:o):

Roman Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas explained that there are three types of biblical precepts: moral, ceremonial, and judicial. He holds that moral precepts are permanent, having held even before the Law was given, since they are part of the law of nature;[6] ceremonial precepts, which deal with forms of worshipping God and ritual cleanness; and judicial precepts (such as those in Exodus 21[7]) came into existence only with the Law of Moses,[8] and were only temporary. The ceremonial commands were “ordained to the Divine worship for that particular time and to the foreshadowing of Christ”.[9] Accordingly, upon the coming of Christ they ceased to bind,[10] and to observe them now would, Aquinas thought, be equivalent to declaring falsely that Christ has not yet come, for Christians a mortal sin.[11] However, while the Judicial laws ceased to bind with the advent of Christ, it was not a mortal sin to enforce them. Aquinas says, “if a sovereign were to order these judicial precepts to be observed in his kingdom, he would not sin.”[12] Although Aquinas believed the specifics of the Old Testament Judicial laws were no longer binding, he taught that the judicial precepts contained universal principles of justice that reflected natural law. Thus some scholars refer to his views on government as “General Equity Theonomy.”[13] Unlike the ceremonial and judicial precepts, moral commands continue to bind, and are summed up in the Ten Commandments. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:
“2068 The Council of Trent teaches that the Ten Commandments are obligatory for Christians and that the justified man is still bound to keep them; the Second Vatican Council confirms: ‘The bishops, successors of the apostles, receive from the Lord … the mission of teaching all peoples, and of preaching the Gospel to every creature, so that all men may attain salvation through faith, Baptism and the observance of the Commandments.’”

Principles endure, application to changing times and definitions is another matter.

Adultery, killing of the innocent etc, aren’t these always wrong.

But who is innocent and is my “second marriage” truly a second marriage or my first true marriage as the previous one was annulled (and therefore not adultery)?
Hence, application/identification may change.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful replies. It was great to see the quote from Aquinas & the Council of Trent also. These are old fashioned ideas, & there is a tendency to just believe they can change with the fashion. It is true there is a battle with the world & the secular culture who dont believe in or practise these.
Thank you again, we do need to hear this, especially how they do apply to the justified.
Please everyone pray for all Christians (& other moral people) to be true to these in the face of often insurmountable pressure to do otherwise. :gopray2::blessyou:

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