I really need some help here. At work my co-worker and I work in a medium size office together. During the day someone comes and relieves us for break. The person who comes and relieves us starts bulling me and and i know at times when she was going through things and forgot to do some of my work i never said i word to her because i know she was going to through stress. And the other day before i went on break i forgot to tell her something and she acted really nasty when i came back and the situation wasn’t all that serious and she was calling me lazy. I hold my tongue again trying to be a christian and it’s really hard. Will it be wrong of me to confront her about the things she has done to me but with a calm attitude even though she has a nasty one. She calls me stupid sometimes even though I thank the Lord alot of times that when i get to her age i wouldn’t be stuck at a crummy job like hers where she has to work 2 jobs to pay her bills and never went to college. in which where i an young and have it easy? I do not want to get to her level. What i was thinking is just be happy every time she puts me down and show her it doesn’t bother me.???:smiley:

And last week i had a dream that alot of snakes were biting me and i could feel the pain and so i looked what the dream ment:A snake, being the ages old symbol of evil or satan, makes it a bad omen to have one show up in a dream. To see a lone snake and feel threatened by it shows that you have a bad enemy that is even then working against you, it also a warning against bodily harm from an enemy. To dream of many snakes in a pit is the foreboding of much bad luck in love or business

This is simply superstition which is a grave sin against the First Commandment.

Regarding your dream, it’s not really helpful to look up symbols in a “dream dictionary”. Much more to the point to think about what the dream means to you. How you feel in the dream (I would guess threatened, betrayed, ambushed, under attack) probably reflects how you feel at work. Not surprising, given your story. I would caution you not to make more of the dream than that.

It’s hard to “just be happy” when someone is having a go at you. I admire your determination to show Christian love in the face of name-calling and insults. Thank God you only have to deal with her when she’s relieving you.

Nothing would be gained by confronting her with her faults. If she’s really abusive (and it sure sounds like it) you need to speak to your manager. What’s she doing is harrassment and there should be some policy about how to deal with that at your workplace.

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