Engaged, Preparing for Holy Matrimony!


Hi All,

Who is engaged to be married?! How is Pre-Cana going? Is Pre-Cana as you expected? Wedding/Nuptial Mass plans? :) :) :) Discuss all wedding things!!

I myself am engaged since March 29, we met with the priest and did a survey and then set a date. We are having a full Mass. Our Pre-Cana is set for October since we are getting married next year.


Hi mfrances! I’m also engaged and I’ll be married next year. I’ll also be doing Pre-Cana in October.

I have to say though, that nothing is the way I expected it would be. I was a little disappointed by the initial meeting with the priest- he was very nice and all, but he mostly asked logistical questions and didn’t even ask things like why we wanted to marry each other, what we expected, or anything like that. It was just “what time do you want the ceremony” and “this is how much everything costs”- that sort of thing. Maybe those things will come later in Pre-Cana, but I had assumed the priest would ask more questions at least at the outset. He didn’t even ask if either of us had been previously married (we haven’t) or whether we were living together (we aren’t), whether we were open to children, all the stuff I’d heard would be asked.

I’m finding wedding planning hard! I’ve been stressing out over including everyone, money, and a very limited timeline (I’m getting married next winter). I wish I had someone to make all the decisions for me. I never realized how many little details there are to keep track of. And everything is so expensive!


Hi Katie! Congrats :)

Our priest asked us each (while the other was in the waiting room) a long questionnaire, it was about everything like previous marriage, cohabitation, are your parents Catholic, do you want children, do you have health issues preventing intercourse(um, embarrasing question!), are you being pressured to marry, and all that sort of stuff.

He gave us a short talk about how marriage is a sacrament and its meaning, and he is happy to say that we seem to have no impediments or serious issues. "You don't live together, so I don't have to say anything about that!"

Then we talked about date, cost, diocese pre-cana schedule, and he said we will have at least 4 more meetings with him personally.

We were there for more than an hour. Maybe your priest does shorter meetings, so he will ask you all these things later?


It IS expensive… I’m trying not to think about the expense in total, but just get nice things without being over the top.


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