Engagement Encounter


I am looking for a Catholic Engagement Encounter Weekend near Houston, TX before the end of March 2010. Does anyone know of any? Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, etc.
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There is one in Houston Feb 19-21 and another in mid-March. See here for contact info (scroll down for Texas).


My wife and I are involved in Marriage Encounter (sort of like EE but you get to sleep together at night) and know that it can be a deep and spiritual weekend that will bring you closer and force you to look at issues as you prepare for your wedding. I’ll pray you and your fiancee have a great weekend.


I live in the Houston area and ended up going to Lake Charles, LA (about 2 1/2 hrs away) for our Engaged Encounter weekend. We just went last weekend and it was AMAZING! We went to Lake Charles because the wait list for Houston was pretty long. There is an Engaged Encounter in Houston in March near the Galleria, but you do not spend the weekend. You drive back and forth each day.

I hope this helps!

God Bless!


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