England: A Beginner's Guide

Just in case any of you fancy popping over the ocean.


Are you English? (or a pommie as we call English people here in Australia?)

Irish, lived in the UK a long time.

I’d love to go back for a visit, but apparently Americans aren’t on the “Welcome List” per tonight’s news on NBC.

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If you mean you’d have to enter quarantine so do most people outside of a few arriving from select nations.


One of my friends is over there and she really wants to come back to Australia!!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No, I mean that people in the United States are not going to be admitted at ALL (from the US) when the European Union opens up’, ‘not at first’ according to articles from CNN, NBC, etc.

Ah, I take it back, we can enter Ireland and Britain. I’m happy to quarantine.

I wouldn’t bother at the minute, things are highly unsettled. Also, by Ireland do you mean the north or the Republic of Ireland? Remember, one is under British rule and the other is an independent state.

From the CNN site, apparently the Republic of Ireland as it talks of filling out a form and then later, “and if you’re traveling on to NORTHERN Ireland you will also need to do. . .”

Can’t be as unsettled as much of the US. . .
But seriously my oldest friend and I were planned to go a couple years after retirement (may it arrive SOON oh Lord), both wanting to trace family heritages. Her family all came from Britain, mostly from Kent; mine came from Ayrshire. And of course we’ll also have to do the Great Homes and Gardens tour.

Plenty of protests and street violence, stabbings and terror attacks, mass redundancies, it is not a great deal better here. The sound of police cars is constant in this area of London. A bloke was stabbed to death outside my work place on Saturday evening, a Jewish bloke was killed nearby a few days earlier in an anti-Semitic attack. You may be better where you are at this point.

Oh my gosh. . . I remember strolling through Finchley Common in the late 70s without a care in the world and enjoying how peaceful it was compared to NYC or Philly.

I hope you and your loved ones will be safe and well.

Not just UK but whole of Europe Americans can’t travel to. Not a question of not being on the welcome list. Covid-19 is totally out of control in the US so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why Americans are not permitted to go there for now.

It’s my understanding that the opening up of the external EU/Schengen borders has nothing to do with the UK since it is not a member of the EU (anymore) nor a signatory to the Schengen Agreement.

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if it’s more complicated than that. These sorts of things often are :grin:


Of course it depends WHERE in the US one is. Certain states have few to no cases even with reopening (in phases). Vermont, for example.

Almost every state is bad now.

Several, even many. But not ‘almost every’. Since I actually LIVE in Vermont I do enjoy the luxury of having been able to follow all the stats these many months. Maine is another state with a low rate. Virginia has not had a surge. New York is nearly flat, especially in the huge majority of the state that is not “New York City’.

Mostly the states in the West and South are having trouble.
And Massachusetts but that is largely driven by the eastern part of the state which is more heavily urban.

I saw the chart and listened to the discussion just a few hours ago. It is getting worse in almost every state and is basically out of control in the US.

Thank you, now that was funny…In return I will put up a Survivors Guide while visiting South Philadelphia…

Stay Safe and God Bless

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Although I’ve popped over to jolly old Blighty about 7 times now (I lost count), that was amusing, especially the jumbo cat.

As one who has also been to South Philly a number of times starting back in the days of Zipperhead (RIP) I look forward to this.

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