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Can it really be this bad in England or is journalistic license being taken.

From Melanie Philips of The Spectator:

"The frenzy over the participation of BNP [Far Right] leader Nick Griffin on Question Time this week has been a classic case of failing to identify the real elephant in the room. By fixating on the ‘far right’ as the supremely evil force in British public life, the mainstream political class has failed to grasp that a half-baked neo-Nazi rabble is not the main issue. There is another more lethal type of fascism on the march in the form of Islamic supremacism.

The Islamists, or jihadis, are intent upon snuffing out individual freedom and imposing a totalitarian regime of submission to religious dogma which erodes and then replaces British and Western values. Now these two types of fascism are doing battle with each other — and with the white working class and lower-middle classes caught between them. For it is the intense anger of these people with the fact that — as they see it — they are the ignored victims of the jihadis that is driving them into the arms of the BNP.

All around them they see the establishment responding to Islamist bullying with acts of appeasement. Jihadis parade on the streets threatening to behead infidels — but it is white objectors whose collars are felt by the police. The mainstream political parties are all petrified of saying anything about either the steady encroachment of Islam into Britain’s public space or the linked phenomenon of mass immigration.
Stories that attract little attention in the press loom large in the concerns of the BNP target voters. The priests in east London being beaten up by Muslim youths who shout racial and religious abuse. The councils that tear up the planning laws to accommodate the expansion of mosques or madrassas. These are the issues all but ignored by mainstream media and politicians.

As a result, the debate is allowed to descend into a clash of extremists. Last March, for example, Islamists demonstrated against a parade in Luton of Royal Anglian Regiment soldiers returning from Afghanistan. The jihadis were protected by the police, while the only people arrested that day were locals protesting at this provocation. That event led in turn to a demonstration in Birmingham last August by the self-styled anti-Islamists of the so-called English Defence League (EDL) and other groups.

There is already a huge fissure among anti-Islamists over whether or not to ally with European neo-fascists. Since liberals are either silent, or even aligning with the jihadis on the grounds that ‘we are all Hezbollah now’ and turning instead upon the pivotal victim in this civilisational war, Israel, some anti-Islamists say that allying with neo-fascist groups is a no-brainer, because ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

But this is a highly dangerous course. Islamic fascism must be fought to defend Western values of freedom, democracy and tolerance. This cannot be done in an alliance with white neo-fascists bent on their negation. Sometimes, my enemy’s enemy is also my enemy.

This is why all decent people must join in the fight against Islamic supremacism. Support for the BNP would plummet if the political mainstream were to limit immigration, denounce cultural Islamic imperialism and refuse to give one inch to sharia law, saying no to polygamy, sharia finance, sharia courts and all attempts to set up a parallel Islamic society in Britain.

Freedom can only be protected if its defenders are united. But with Britain’s collective brain turned to multicultural jelly, liberals are refusing to acknowledge the civilisational battle now under way and gathering pace. The obsession with the ‘far right’ has cemented progressive opinion into its current lethal state of cultural somnambulism. Liberals must raise their eyes, raise their game and ask where this is leading. For there is far worse on the horizon than a nasty man on Question Time."


As a non-Briton, I ask is the threat of [as described in the article] Islamic extremism that powerful in Britain that the Centrist parties are not willing to face the alleged danger and, secondly, how powerful and nasty is the BNP?

Further research reveals this BNP Party to be quite reprehensible but then why aren’t the Tories at least staking out some claim on how to deal with Islamic extremism if this really is a major internal concern?

Yes the BNP is a fairly reprehensible party if you just listen to their rhetoric concerning the holocaust or ‘sending blacks home’ but I have listened to a few interviews (proper interviews not witch hunts as occurred on Question Time the other evening) and I can honestly say that I agreed with much of what they propose.

I feel this is a failure, not of me being ‘racist’ because I am absolutely not, but of the mainstream parties in this country that are so eager to promote a multi-culturalism that isn’t working that they bend over backwards to accomodate everyone else’s views but those of white, married, heterosexual, Christians.

In this country, you cannot question immigration AT ALL or you are a racist. You cannot deny homosexuals ANYTHING or you are homophobic. (Why a homosexual couple would go to a Catholic adoption agency, when there are many others out there, and apply to adopt if they just didnt want to cause trouble and force their own agenda and beliefs - which seem to override everyone elses :mad: ) All Nick Griffin said on QT the other day was that seeing two men kissing was thought by many as ‘creepy’ - well I and many others would agree! He didn’t say all homosexuals should be stoned, just that it was creepy, and he was absolutely vilified the next day. (And yet the irony is that if a fundamentalist muslim says the same thing it is passed off as ‘their religious views’ and they are allowed to say it !).

I am honest enough to say that, while not a racist, I many be considered a bit of a ‘creedist’ - I do not want my children to grow up in a country where they, as Christians, are in a minority. Where the English culture (such as it is now, having been eroded for so long) is over shadowed by every one else’s cultural needs. I will be honest and say it is the Muslim immigrants that give me cause for concern rather than those from eastern Europe who are, in the main, better Catholics than many English !

So the BNP may be pretty nasty but if the main parties don’t have the guts to address these issues their support **will **grow. The British like fair play and justice - we feel for the ‘underdog’ and at the moment that is white, Christian, heterosexual. So at some point there will be a backlash. Not to mention that an extreme Muslim group wants to march through London on Saturday calling for Sharia law - I just wait to see if the police stop this one as the have the last few marches of the ‘English Defense League’. It seems that in the UK at the moment (to quote Animal Farm) all are created equal but some are more equal than others !!

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