England's First Female Bishop


Your thoughts?

A ship with sails up but no rudder comes to mind.

She sounds very qualified and smart, Oxford-educated and all.
She must be, to move up through the ranks as she has.
And her husband is a priest, they were ordained together? That is quite amazing.
They are like The Power Couple of the Church of England.

And the piece de resistance–she plays the sax.
That rocks.


Women can not even be priests. If God did not want women to be ordained I seriously doubt he wants Protestant churches to ordain women.

Watch the liberals say that the Catholic Church needs this kind of “reform” to stay relevant, while I wager the decline of attendance at the Anglican church will only increase. It’s sad that people think this kind of know-towing to the secular worldview will help Christianity.

Also shame on Mr. Welby for destroying the ecumenical movement between Rome and England to appease the world.

I think Welby said recently that this might split the C of E apart. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Why do you relate this appointment to a “secular worldview”?
There are Theists who believe women should be Bishops, and Atheists who think they should not. It’s got nothing to do with a “secular worldview”.

It sounds as thought the Church leaders gave it a lot of thought over many decades–reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and solemnly.
And decided this was a wise decision.

I think it would make Anglican attendance go up, not down!
I guess we shall find out.


There are many theists who support the secular worldview, but their religion is an entirely private matter for them. It’s like the slew of “catholic” politicians who are pro-choice, they’ll say “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I don’t want to enforce that view on others.” Simply having theists support this worldview doesn’t make it any less secular. The secular worldview is that things should be governed in society without any reference to God. The only way that the Church of England could have overturned a male-only episcopate is with reference to prevailing secular mores instead of the inspired and revealed word of God (1 Timothy 2:11-15) and church tradition.

I think it would make Anglican attendance go up, not down!
I guess we shall find out.


That’s why I find it so sad. You have these sweet old people, the product of the sixties revolutionary mindset, who are probably genuine in their desire to spread the gospel and save souls, but who try this failed mindset of revolutionizing religion to appeal to modern folks. It’s what the “mainline” protestant churches in the united states have been doing for decades and their membership has declined a lot.

The church can change doctrine; mysteries can be revealed, but dogma? It cannot change, and last I checked, having priests as men is dogma. Secularists may have defeated the church of England, but the Catholic church will not bend its knee to a militant secularist agenda; even if it seems appealing to the culture at large. Our church has dealt with Pagan societies before. It will not falter in God’s mission, and it will not end up like the Church of England; women cannot, and will never be priests or bishops. This is the way God designed things. Men and women are different, and those differences are to be celebrated.

If this came across as harsh or rude, then you have my apologies. Though I cannot sit idly by while these things are being spoken.

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