Enjoyable story: "Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door"



From Catholic Exchange:

**Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
By Kathleen Woodman
July 31, 2009

We and our 4 daughters, ages 13 down to 1, needed a home, and we needed it soon. Our 6-month lease was soon to expire, and our family was living a make-do lifestyle in an apartment. Everything about our living space spoke the language of “temporary” - some nearly-weightless plastic chairs; a white, wobbly table with a faded, vinyl tablecloth; the small black and white TV dug up at a garage sale for $10. The furniture ensemble was loosely sitting upon a bumpy sea of dusty pink carpet, completing the overall transient look. The wannabe “dining table” had just kicked off one of its plastic hollow legs again after a happy, screeching child, running giddily and directionless, had pushed into it. Even when the table was put together, we could watch it swerve and sway like a hula dancer every time someone brushed by. We were ready for larger quarters, with a roomy kitchen sporting all our dishes, a sturdy wooden table that wouldn’t fold under the strain of duty, and a wide, fresh, grassy yard for little feet to run their toes through. Lacy curtains billowing on the windows sure would be nice again, too…


wonderful story, thank you for sharing!


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