Enlighten me on its validity

Hi, Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

There is a new Church here in the Philippines named Apostolic Catholic Church which claims that it is a self-governing Church which traces its Faith and Worship from the Eastern Rite and the Western Rite. It is founded and headed by a certain His Holiness John Florentine Teruel, P.P, who was consecrated as Patriarch by the National Conference of Old Catholic and Orthodox Archbishops, on July 13, 1991, at St. Paul’s German Old Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. by the following:

Archbishop Paul Christian G.W., Christian 1, Shultz, D.D. of the Order of the Corporate Reunion (OCR),
Archbishop Emile Rodriguez y Fairfield, D.D., of the Mexican Old Catholic Church (MOCC),
Archbishop, Mar Markus, Mark Miller, D.D., of the Byzantine Catholic Church (BCC),
Archbishop Bernard Dawe, D.D., of the Independent Catholic Church International (ICCI),
Archbishop Jurgen Bless, D.D., of the German Old Catholic Church (GOCC),
Archbishop Petros Eric T. Ong Veloso, D.D., of the Orthodox Catholic Church of the Philippines,
Archbishop Michael Marshall, D.D., of the Orthodox Catholic Church (OCC). Synod of the National Conference of the Old Catholic and Orthodox Archbishop.

I wish to know if the following Churches are valid and if each has its Apostolic Line of Succession:

Order of the Corporate Reunion (OCR)
Mexican Old Catholic Church (MOCC)
Byzantine Catholic Church (BCC)
Independent Catholic Church International (ICCI)
German Old Catholic Church (GOCC)
Orthodox Catholic Church of the Philippines
Orthodox Catholic Church (OCC)
Apostolic Catholic Church (ACC)

There is also another Orthodox Church here in the Philippines under the Metropolitanate of Hongkong and Southeast Asia and, being headed by Archimandrite Philemon Castro but, I know, his Church is valid.

Thank you.


The Archbishop Markus Miller group is known as THE BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH, INC!

The are not associated in manner, shape or form with the Byznatine Catholic Church in America, the Holy See in Rome or any of the Cannonical Orthodox Churches!

To my knowledge the Old catholic churches are not in communion with Rome or any of the Orthodox churches. They are a schismatic group from that split in the 1870’s

It is not a valid Catholic or Orthodox church. It tries to bridge the East-West divide with its rather simplistic view of its own role, and does not address at all the issues that divide the Eastern and Western Churches. It is more or less still Latin in its rite. What is disturbing with this sect is not its attempt to bridge the East-West gap (which would be a noble cause, however simplistic their view of things might be), but it identifies the Holy Spirit with a particular woman who seems to have either founded this sect, or else was its top benefactor (this woman has passed away for sometime now). That’s what is troubling.

As for the Orthodox Church here in the Philippines, yes it is as affiliate of the Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, but it is not headed by Fr. Philemon. It is guided here by its vicar, Fr. Nikitas (who is btw Greek; Fr. Philemon is Filipino) who is at Annunciation Orthodox Church in Paranaque. He reports to the Metrolpolitan in Hong Kong, His Eminence Metropolitan Nektarios (who replaced His Eminence Metropolitan Nikitas at his installation last March 1, 2008). Of course, the Metropolitan is under His All Holiness Bartholomew I in Constantinople.

Thank you OneGodOneChurch, Milliardo, and Patchunky for the immediate replies. How I wish also to know the standing of the seven Churches in America which consecrated Teruel as Patriarch of his own church.

Your welcome.
About the last part of your question here I have know idea but from there website they I would say they are not Catholic.

I assume that it would be Valid, as the Eastern Orthodox Church is Valid, however it is not Licit. A Catholic cannot Licitly become part of the Orthodox Church.

@holdencaulfield: therefore, it is illicit since it wants to bridge the gap…

Yes, but still Valid, assuming they have Valid Apostolic Succession.

As per my post above, the Apostolic Catholic Church have strange beliefs which would not make them either Catholic nor Orthodox, thus IMO they aren’t merely heretical in nature, but are more like a cult.

As for the Orthodox Church here in the Philippines, for more clarifications you could go to Annunciation Orthodox Church’s website; the contact information is on every page, so any concerns and issues regarding the Church would best be handled there: ocp.uni.cc/

Wait a second. I remember the Apostolic Catholic Church. They are heretics, have Invalid Apostolic Succession, and are like a cult. Orthodox and Catholics should stay away from them.

That is correct; it is best to have nothing to do with this group.

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