Enoch 65 (Tin)


After reading (newadvent.org/cathen/01602a.htm) and seeing that it has been looked upon with favor to some degree in the past, I wonder if anyone knows of any comments regarding Chapter 65:8 of the Book of Enoch?

Here is a translation found online (sacred-texts.com/bib/boe/boe068.htm) of the portion in question among many available renditions:

For lead and tin are not produced from the earth like the first: it is a fountain that produces them, and an angel stands therein, and that angel is pre-eminent.

This has a tendency to be sounding a tad “hokey” if you will, and yet it is said on newadvent’s entry: * Passing to the patristic writers, the Book of Henoch enjoyed a high esteem among them, mainly owing to the quotation in Jude. The so-called Epistle of Barnabas twice cites Henoch as Scripture. Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Origen, and even St. Augustine suppose the work to be a genuine one of the patriarch.*.

Any (reliable) information about this?

Ciao for now.


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