Enormous Adverts

Is there anything that can be done about the current size of the advertisements at the top of the site? For the past few days they’ve taken up more space than the ‘suggestions’ used to! There’s only room to see one topic before having to scroll…


Only if a LOT of people donate!

I will donate again when I don’t have to worry any more about “X number of flags and you’re out of the lounge permanently” sort of thing. Unfortunately, the forum does not provide much motivation to donate, as one could donate today and be suspended tomorrow over somebody misunderstanding a post.

Having said that, yes the ads are pretty massive.
Perhaps an ad blocker would help.


Yes, I downloaded Norton add blocker(free) and, voila, no more ads.

I don’t mind ads but more than 50% of the available screen seems a little more than their fair share! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had to download a second ad blocker. I also don’t mind small tasteful ads. But giant ads that take up half the screen and are sometimes inappropriate is a no.


There’s one clothing site that, if you click, has some nice attire for formal dances, weddings, and such. BUT, the teaser we see here—and many of the garments after clicking—show deep cleavage and leg all the way to mid-thigh in floor-length dresses, neither of which is appropriate here. Or any place else, for that matter.

Hottest golfers? That ad does nit belong here!

Hey folks, we are using Google Ads. It serves up ads based on your own search history (for example; I see mostly tech ads). We adjust the filters as best we can on our end, but ultimately it’s not completely up to us re: what ads you see.

Also, I need to raise money to keep these forums operating. The cost to run it is not insignificant. So I’m testing all my options. Exercise a little patience with me.



No problem Jon…good to see a response, thanks!

As previously posted, it’s the space taken up rather than the presence…although some posts suggest that others are being offered some ‘interesting’ ads! :grin:

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Boy is it wrong about me. I do not want to see hot female anything. I am female. I am not a person who needs corporate software or men’s clothes. It did come up with a chair I thought about buying. That one was good.
They mostly just make me smile and wonder what the heck.:grinning:


Adverts? I say, old boy, that is a British word that we don’t use in these here parts… I mean the US.

what do you call adverts?

Ads or advertisements.

Thought you were going to say ‘Commercials’!

Can’t spot who actually used ‘Adverts’ though…will have another read. :grin:

Edit…it was me lol! I forgot the title. I used Adverts to make it shorter!

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Not the ones I’m getting.

Nice to meet you Jon!


Same here. Lol! The funny thing is, I did click on their men’s shoes today because, in order to get a toe box in protective metal for working at the post office, I had to turn to small sized men’s shoes, as an injury was exacerbated by the tapering of the toe boxes in women’s shoes. However, I retired a few years before using this phone, and don’t think I’ve ever googled shoes for either sex.

They’re also sending me ads for the Austin, TX, and Chicago, IL, areas, and neither state is correct.


Apparently the ads think I need undercounter lights and diamond rings! :joy:


Interestingly, here in New Zealand our spelling and choice of words follows the British system.

But, My family has always called television adverts ‘commercials’.

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