Enraged By Trump Bumper Sticker, Massachusetts Woman Rams into Man's Car


This is a little frightening. Luckily he has the video.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but his car was damaged and now she has legal problems to face.

The car owner looked like he was in his 20’s also.


She was suffering from “Trump Anxiety Disorder”

really?? :rofl:


Is this more of that “Trump Inspired Violence” that has Jim Acosta’s knickers in a knot?


I would say it is violence inspired by the constant negative media coverage of
Trump that caused her to snap when she saw the Trump bumper sticker.
The young man who owned the car that was hit was well spoken and not at all how the left wants to depict Trump supporters.


Trump Derangement Syndrome

It exists, it’s real
And it’s dangerous


One man got so enraged that he shot Steve Scalise and police bodyguards.


Good point and we shouldn’t forget what happened to them. It is great to see Steve
Scalise doing so well. He underwent so
many surgeries.


It is not only real, but it also gets fanned and amplified by the left and particularly by Hillary Clinton.

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