Enrolled in Brown Scapular at 1st Communion?

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May '11

…from “justtryin”:
“When I made my First Communion in the second grade, we were all given the Brown Scapular also. Boys got brown string, girls got white string. Was it common practice to be enrolled along with receiving First Communion? Seeing as I’m 42 now, I can’t remember the particulars of the ceremony.”…

I wonder about this, too. I feel like we were enrolled at the time of our 1st Communion in 2nd grade in Catholic school. Does anyone know the answer??

It used to be a common practice to enroll entire First Communion classes.
Usually the kids didn’t quite understand the point of the Scapular and most of them didn’t continue wearing it for very long.
I don’t think they do this any more.

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Thank you, Tis_Bearself.
I thought it may be the case, but ‘‘twas many moons ago!:blush:

After Son and I was confirmed last Easter, we both were enrolled in the Brown Scapular :slight_smile:


How wonderful!

I remember my brown scapular but don’t recall if I received it for Holy Communion or Confirmation. Speaking of First Holy Communion please pray for my grandson making his First Reconciliation and Communion today. He was in classes to prepare for this important event until March when everything came to a halt. The rest of his class made theirs in June but because he’s a type 1 diabetic his parents were very concerned about possible exposure to COVID and made other arrangements with their parish. It will just be his immediate family and the priest officiating today. I live several hours away and also am at high risk so will have to be with him spiritually. My daughter thought it best if I remained at home and with the current spike in cases I reluctantly agreed. It doesn’t dampen my joy for him and would be wonderful if others on CAF could join me in celebrating this special occasion.


I know how you feel, Son does not want me to go to Mass because the increase here in Texas :frowning: so for now I watch on fb, which normally I would not even have a fb account :frowning:

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