Ensuring Ebola-free Haj [Would Ebola be Spread World Wide?]

Siera Leone and Guinea have millions of Muslims in their population and these nations are at the center of the Ebola outbreak.

With the Hajj coming up where tens of thousands of Muslims are in very close physical contact for days, are the authorities taking adequate precautions? If not this could be a huge disaster.


During the Haj season, the Saudi government mobilizes all resources to look after around 3 million pilgrims. Preparations start very early long before the Haj season. It starts with visa issuance and the arrival of pilgrims via land, air and sea. They are taken care of from the time of their arrival till their departure…

Although GCC countries have pledged to take a unified stance to combat the deadly Ebola virus by training health officials and making use of regional facilities to diagnose and treat such diseases, it is also important for the Kingdom to make sure that Hajis do not come from Ebola-stricken countries.

It looks like their primary response is to try and keep out all people from Ebola stricken countries. But there are problems with that in that often the pilgrims will come with relatives from other countries, and if a Haji who doesn’t know he has Ebola has been planning on this trip and already paid for his air plane tickets, etc, he might evade the authorities attempts to keep him out. Also the description of how the disease spreads given by the authorities does not reflect the new information that materials can hold the Ebola virus, like the insides of taxi cabs.

I will pray for God to protect the Muslims in their Hajj this year from Ebola.

They will need our prayers.

The good (or maybe more accurately, the less-bad) news here is that the ebola virus doesn’t do well in a Saudi-like environment – hot, dry, lots of UV in the sunlight.

The recent drug treatment looks promising. Africa is tragic and research has been escalating as a result in many countries.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp. TKM.T +0.65% to provide an experimental drug to people with confirmed or suspected Ebola virus infections, the Canadian company said Monday.

Tekmira said it already has provided its drug, known as TKM-Ebola, to several patients under emergency protocols, and repeated infusions have been “well tolerated.” The company didn’t say how many patients have been treated or where the drug was used.


ZMapp is being developed as a therapeutic product for treatment of people infected with Ebola virus, but not to prevent infection in the same manner as a vaccine. The best way to prevent infection currently is with stringent infection control measures.With the experimental

ZMapp treatment, the monoclonal antibodies bind to the virus, so that the human immune system can clear the virus.

The wider research worldwide is being done with a vaccine and infected-recovered patients.

When is the Hajj?

I heard a radio program the other night talking about ebola in 3rd world
countries. Maybe he was factoring in these pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia from these ebola stricken countries and spreading the virus.

I googled it – Oct. 2-7, give or take a day, in accordance with when they can eyeball the new moon.

The third American patient got two transfusions from the first American Ebola patient, IIRC.

It seems the blood still carries the antibodies, but the blood still needs to be a match, right?

Thanks! Right around the corner! This could get scary!

Just in time for Halloween, eh?


Not really. It’s over 3 1/2 weeks before Hallowe’en.

And how do you ensure an ebola free Hajj anyway?

It’s true that those two African countries have a lot of Muslims. Here are the percentages:

Sierra Leone - “Muslim 60%, Christian 10%, indigenous beliefs 30%”

Guinea - “Muslim 85%, Christian 8%, indigenous beliefs 7%”

The only consolation - how many people from either of those countries would be able to afford a round trip ticket to saudi arabia?

WHO-EMRO: MERS-CoV preventive messages for hajj and umrah


I think MERS is a bigger player in the picture.

Right the blood would, but with those who cleared the virus, then their blood holds a different sequencing in fighting the virus. From here the process of anti-virus comes into play and blood type wouldn’t matter in the end, big research point worldwide at the moment.

Except that the incubation period is 2 -21 days, so yes, the real horror of such an outbreak WOULD happen around Halloween.

Pasteurized camel milk and well cooked camel meat. Hope enough people will see this. There will be people travelling from all over the wworld there and bringing all kinds of germs back.

Ah, I see where you’re coming from.:thumbsup:

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