Entering Church After Easter Vigil?

Howdy, my online friends:

Long story short, this is my third year trying to complete RCIA. I just
found out that, through a clerical error, my annulment, if successful, will be completed after Easter. Then I would get a radical sanation to validate my current marriage, and have reconciliation before entering the Church. I assumed then now I would be coming in at Easter 2015.

I just got told I can come in after Vigil, whenever the annulment and sanation are complete, at another Mass. I was over the moon and when we’re closer to I’ll be white dress shopping.

First, I just want to share my excitement. Second, anyone else know of or have been through entrance outside of traditional Easter Vigil service?



I’ve been through such a Mass many times. My parish reserves the Vigil for those being baptized; those who are already baptized are always brought in at a different time whenever they are ready.

Essentially what happens is that when the Creed would normally be said, you and your sponsor will come forward. You will make a profession of faith and recite the Creed with the rest of the congregation. You will be confirmed and return to your seat. At communion time you will come forward for your First Communion, then return to your pew.

And after Mass everyone will have the opportunity to congratulate you and welcome you.

I attended mass for nearly 2 years with my catholic wife, and studied the faith then started rcia a week before advent, and entered into full communion, receiving the Eucharist and Confirmation a a Saturday Mass the week before Ash Wednesday, so I was able to experience Lent as a Catholic… It was a blessing.

Admittedly, it is hard to find a mass as beautiful as the Easter Vigil, but any mass you are received into the church is beautiful and meaningful!

I can’t wait!!! I won’t lie; I lost my joy in going to RCIA. It’s back now!!


That is wonderful :smiley:
I wish you all the best.

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