Enthronement of the Sacred Heart?

:slight_smile: has anyone here done this with your family?


I think…I really want to… but do all the members of the family have to be Catholic? what if it’s just one :o

thanks :slight_smile:

Okay so I just read all about this devotion… and it sounds really awesome… but I don’t think it’s possible with only one member of the family being Catholic (and church-going)


but I’m just wondering if any of you here have done this


Hi Monica. We recently had a “Two Hearts” Enthronement done in our home. It was beautiful! We prayed the Rosary together, as a group… did some readings, heard some songs… talked about our devotions. And we also received a beautiful, frame worthy print of Our Lord and Our Lady… along with documentation, that the enthronement had been done in our home.

The one we had was in connection with the “Alliance of the Two Hearts”. Sounds similar! Could you ask for the enthronement to be done… privately? Like… in your living space, within the home? I believe it would extend to the entire house.

God bless.

thanks Marie! :slight_smile:

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