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Yesterday in my A.P. Environmental Science Course my teacher told us that we need to get rid of cemetery’s and golf courses so that the environment has more room. She also said that everyone needs to be cremated. So I raised my hand and told her that the Catholic Religion does not believe in the dead not being buried. She proceeded to tell me that this was silly and that I was wrong. Today another student who has her at a different time said she proceeded to talk about an outspoken Catholic in her other class. This student figured it was me and told me what she had said. I’ve decided to take this In stride because I am CATHOLIC and proud of it! But I’m still unsure as of how to handle this situation.


The Church views cremation as completely fine

I’m not sure what you’re asking in the rest of your question.


So, you didn’t say Catholicism didn’t allow for cremation, right?


No, just that you shouldn’t have your cremated remains scattered about. That you should have your remains buried. Sorry for not clarifying.


Catholicism isn’t the only religion with that requirement —and Judaism frowns on cremation at all.

In the panoply of things we can do for the environment, cemeteries seem low on the list.


I would recommend that if you are a minor, get your parent to write a letter to the principal with you complaining that your religion was disrespected by this teacher. If you are not a minor, write the letter yourself.
Hand deliver it to the principal.


High school or college?

If it’s high school, keep your head down, parrot the right answers, get your A, and don’t worry about there not being enough room for the environment, because, like, those darn cemeteries. :roll_eyes:

If it’s college, there’s usually a chance to critique your professor at the end of the course. Those are collected up, and the faculty over your professor will go over them with the professor after the end of the semester. So writing something like, “I enjoy anecdotes, but I prefer that my professor not denigrate me in front of her other classes when I discuss my religion’s beliefs when they come in conflict with her dogmatism.” Or whatever.


OP, is this a government tax supported school? This nonsense has nothing to do with science. Golf courses and graveyards use a tiny amount of land and are not damaging the environment.


Catholics allow for cremation, the cremains to be interred in columbariums or other such structures.

Things like embalming, big metal caskets and crypts are not required. Natural burial is perfectly okay and shows more respect for the dead.

So, you apologize to the teacher, tell her you were mistaken and move on :slight_smile:


They must be interred, burial is optional.


You are partially correct - cremation is actually permitted as long as there is no “scattering ashes” like say, scattering ashes at sea. The remains have to be properly interred like “burying” in a plot or stored in another proper place.


The Church is no longer against cremation for Catholics BUT even if cremated the ashes cannot be sprinkle somewhere or kept in a container somewhere. They must be kept together and buried just as a body would be buried.


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