Envoy Magazine, GONE?!


I’ve checked and rechecked, and it seems like Envoy magazine is no more?!

Ach! I need Envoy! It’s article on Gnostic heresey in “The Matrix” was amazing!

I’ve been trying to access them all day long too. If they are gone they disapeered without any warning, that I know of.

Maybe they are just having “server” problems.???

Hopefully, that’s the case. Regardless, I’m glad I kept most of my back-issue hard copies!

I checked the link, and it’s still there. It must be down when you checked it.

Looks like someone forgot to renew the domain name. Is seeing:
This Domain has expired.
Please contact your provider to renew.

Last Spring I put in a renewal for an Envoy subscription and had purchased a gift subscription for a friend who was starting to drift toward the Lutheran Church. Months went by and no Envoy magazine. I had e-mailed the magazine and received a telephone call from Patrick Madrid who apologized and sent me enough back issues to cover what I paid to the magazine. I suspect that it was in big trouble then and may have finally sucumbed to its financial difficulties.

Well, it’s up and running now.

Funny you mention that article on the Matrix’s Gnosticism. I do not subscribe to Envoy, yet I have read that article and it is the only thing from Envoy that has ever stuck in my mind. And I mean it STUCK!!!

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