Enya fans?

Anybody here an Enya fan? I have been a fan for such a long time and rarely met another person who likes her too. I find her work spiritual (many songs inspired by or directly using Catholic prayers) and moving (Caribbean Blue is so touching!). She really knows how to evoke emotion in her listeners and is so talented. She layers vocals up to 300 times on some songs and composes, plays and sings all her music. Most people know her from the Lord of the Rings, but her early stuff is fantastic in terms of joyous songs and heartfelt ballads.

I have a few Enya CD’s…I like her early Saturday mornings…or late Sunday evenings when I’m reading.

Count me a fan. Though I haven’t listened to her for a while. Have a couple of CD’s and, like Publisher, like her best when just wanting to relax.
She has a beautiful voice and a great sound.


I like her music a lot.

General Petraeus is also a big fan of her work. He did an interview last year where the journalist popped the question of who his favorite singer is. People were kind of surprised when he named Enya instead of some country-western singer. Perhaps he is more in need of contemplative, relaxing music than most of us.

“Orinoco Flow” always evokes the excitement of travel to foreign lands for me.

I have her on my iPhone playlist.

And a few times when I have visited my chiropractor, he has her music playing in the background. Very relaxing!

Enya fan here as well and have been since high school. I have a few of her albums. Her voice is so calming and haunting at the same time. I always loved her rendition of “I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls”.

My husband and I (huge fans of LOTR) almost used “May It Be” for our first dance. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like “Clannad” which she was a part of with her siblings and other family members many moons ago.

Is she still around??

Listened to Enya (and Clannad!) quite a bit in the '90s, though I was more of a Loreena McKennitt fan.:slight_smile:

She’s filed in my head with Kate Bush.

Really like Loreena McKennitt as well. :thumbsup: I got into her while in college.

I like Loreena McKennitt and Kate Bush a lot, as well.

I started listening to Enya a few years ago. I had heard a few of her songs on the radio while driving in the car with my wife (she loves soft rock/easy listening music). Many of her songs I liked were very soothing and tranquil; it was just the right sound to help me wind down from a long day a work. The first cd I bought of hers was A Day Without Rain - a great cd. The title song (I like instrumentals alot) reminds me of many fond vacations I’ve had with my family through the years).
When I listen to new artists, I usually like to get a little background info about them. To my surprise, I found out that Enya and Maire Brennan were sisters and I’ve loved the music of Maire Brennan for a while. The two cds I had of Maire Brennan at that time were - Perfect Time and Whisper To The Wild Water. Fabulous music to listen to for inspiration. I’ve been tempted to get a Clannad cd to see if the bands music is just as wonderful to listen to as Enya and Maire Brennan’s music. I’ll have to check YouTube for videos.

I’ve always loved Orinoco Flow. I remember catching the music video,(back when MTV showed music videos) after school.

She also has a hauntingly exceptional rendition of O Come O Come Emmanuel. I can’t remember what album it’s on though, it was in a box set my wife has.

I like Enya’s music very much. I also enjoy listening to Loreena McKennet “the Canadian Enya.”

Yeah, Enya has several very “purdy” songs. Quite a talent.


Oíche Chiúin…Silent Night sung by Enya in Irish. Beautiful.

Greetings to those reading and or posting in this thread,

I have always enjoyed Enya. I like Anywhere Is.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

Did she do “Only Time”? I love that song. But that is the only one I know.

Yes she did.

If you’d like to hear some of her other stuff, Go HEAR


Love her! Also Loreena Mckennit and Lisa Gerrard (if you don’t know her, she did the vocalizations for the music in Gladiator. Her voice is so haunting and beautiful).

I’m a guy who likes guy stuff, but also lullabyes for the soul and McKennit, Enya, monk chant, and John Michael Talbot’s soft music does that. My concern with Enya is a song called “Pax Deorum”. If I remember my Latin right, that’s “peace of the gods.” Does anyone know what she meant with that title? Is she pantheistic, but sings songs of any faith that sound beautiful to her?

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