EP and S. Joseph


I’ve noticed that our Parish Priest doesn’t include S. Joseph’s name in the Eucharistic Prayer whenever he celebrates Mass.

How do I tell him that he should include his name (in the form that CDW prescribed) without sounding a bit OCD about Liturgy?


I’d be inclined to ask a question. “Father, I read that St. Joseph was going to be added to the Eucharistic Prayers. Do you know when that will happen?” Then leave it to him to check it out for himself.

In my experience at different parishes, I’d say more priests skip St. Joseph than include him. It’s too bad he wasn’t added before the new missals were printed.


Perhaps you could ask your priest for a quiet word and then calmly and politely ask him if there is a reason why St Joseph isn’t mentioned. No doubt he will have a sound reason and by asking gently, it will open dialogue.

Hum. Think I might ask our parish priest the same question.


As far as I know, there have not been any new Missals printed since the change. Priests are trained to read the fixed words of the Mass rather than memorize them, especially the words of the Eucharistic prayer. Until new Missals are published, I think we just have to cut the priests some slack. They have been instructed not to ad lib but then we want them to ad lib in this one case. :shrug:

And then, when the publication is imminent, yaycatholic, you can offer to purchase a new Missal for the parish.


Thanks for this topic. I noticed that our priest DID include it right after Pope Francis directive, however now it is hit or miss. I did decide to cut him some slack, since it is a recent addition. I think he includes St. Joseph when he remembers. :smiley:


But it is not an ad lib, it is a revision already declared typical which has been translated and mandated. Any good pastor will find a way to make a notation in the Missal, via sticky-note or pencil or what have you. Buying a new Missal is a considerable expense and this is such a small change. Hopefully parishes will not be obliged to do so until there is a fourth revision of the Missal and a new translation thereof.


Just out of curiosity, ---- WHAT is "formerly “ultramontane”??? Never heard the term before.

Not being argumentative or negative, just don’t know what the term means. Thanks!


He might think that it’s a tad bit weird for a teen to ask him to do something in the Liturgy
I’ve also looked at the Liturgy Office website here in the UK and they even had section about this addition which includes newly released edited missal pages for the parts of the EP containing S. Joseph’s name.


I have had this happen to me before. I asked the priest about it and he said he hadn’t had any direction from the Bishop’s liturgy office about implementing the official directive from Rome. I would bring it up one on one saying “Father, I read in the news something about Pope Francis saying that St Joseph is going to be added to the Eucharistic prayer. Do you know when that’s going to happen. I am really excited about it.” Then it doesn’t put him on the spot as much and seems like a genuine inquiry. If he says he doesn’t know anything about it then you may want to contact the director of liturgy for your diocese and ask if anything has been published for the diocese. If nothing has been published for the diocese (which I know a few have been reluctant to do, due to low staff) then a kind letter to the bishop may help.


Google is your friend.


The Parish at the nearby town had included in their newsletter that S. Joseph’s name had been included in the EP because of Our Holy Father’s instructions.
I don’t think our Archdiocese had published anything about this, however I know that the Liturgy Office for England and Wales has a page in their website dedicated to this matter: liturgyoffice.org.uk/Resources/Missal/Joseph.shtml


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