Ephesians 2:8


Hello. —am seeking to obtain multiple Catholic Christian ideas about Ephesians 2:8, possibly catholic explanations, catholic exposition nuggets. thank you.

If you had to communicate a Catholic Christian paragraph about Ephesians 2:8, what would YOU communicate? Thanks!


"For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not from you; it is the gift of God;"

Well - I would say that …

"This passage of scripture is often times used against Catholics to promote the false teaching that Christians are saved by faith alone. That it is important for Christians to read and understand God’s Holy Word in totality and in context, Do not let anti-Catholic people utilize ‘gotcha’ passages like this to undermine the teachings of the Church Jesus Christ established upon blessed Peter - the Rock. read and study the Scriptures, arm yourself so you do not fall prey to those who would tempt you to abandon the true faith.

Thus while it is true that we are saved by the grace of faith; we are also called to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. And we also know that faith without works is a dead faith - that we illustrate our faith with our works to the glory of God"




I would say it is an opt repeated statement of Paul that we have been saved by Baptism and Confirmation as opposed to circumcision and cleansing according to the Law, that they are one off events, and that therefore being in a justified position (always by the grace of God), we are in a position to celebrate the Eucharist, at which point walking forward through life (since we don’t necessarily die at that point) we are being saved and will be saved.


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