Epiclesis conduct

Some parishes allow a loud response “My Lord and My God” at the epiclesis. That is when the host is elevated. I am confused because I was taught that silence was to be adhered to at the elevation. What is the correct form?

It was my understanding that the “Dominus meus et Deus meus” was to be said silently, not out loud, if the layperson wished.

The GIRM specifies silence. (Also, this is not the epiclesis; it’s the institution narrative.)

That’s what we were told a number of years ago. [In our case, it was in English. :)]

The epiclesis is when the priest holds his hands over the gifts to call down the Holy Spirit. The part where the host and chalice are elevated is simply called the elevations.


Cor ad Cor
can you guide me to the location in the GIRM where is specifies silence during the institution narrative?

Thank you for the clarification.

Sorry for the delay. See the final sentence of paragraph 78 here:

That applies to the entire E.P. (except where there’s an explicit exception, such as the memorial acclamation).

Thank you so much. Your information was what I needed.

Thanks for this thread. It reminds me of a point in my life about 40 years ago when I was missing Mass because it bored me. A priest told me to pray for a “love” of the Mass. i thought he was crazy. But I came to realize that I did not love theMass because I did not love God. I did not love God because I did not know God. So I prayed the prayer leading to my true conversion, “Please show me who you are!” Not long after that I was attending daily Mass because I loved it…because I loved God…because I began to see the beauty of God everywhere.

So this brings me back to that because I have grown bored with the Mass again even though I know and love God. But this thread has inspired me to study the Mass and come to know IT better, all the parts, all the variations, all the details.

But now here is another question about the Sanctus bells rung at th epiclesis and elevations. They are not required but can still be read. Once at the epiclesis but at the elevation there seems to be a variation between one long firm ring or three rings. Is this totally a matter of presider or diocese preference?


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