Epiphany Blessing of Magi Water

Did your parish have a blessing of Magi Water and chalk for the blessing of homes on Epiphany today? Or if you live somewhere where it will be celebrated on its proper date on January 6, will they (or wait until then and answer).

We did it at my parish and it was beautiful. Then I came home and blessed my house with the water and wrote 20CMB10 over the doorway. This is my first time really obvserving Epiphany and it was wonderful - Jan. 6 is my birthday but we never did anything for Epiphany as Protestants.

Info on the Epiphany blessings:

just blessed chalk

I don’t recall ever seeing either blessing at any parish I’ve belonged to.

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This is new to me. It sounds powerful. I've always loved Epiphany.

I have never heard of this.

It is a Polish custom..I think it gained in popularity because of JPII

Theophany is not until January 6th so I can not tell you yet.

My pastor did say this past Sunday that he would be blessing the water at the evening Divine Liturgy on Tuesday.

We do not move Holydays in the Byzantine Church.

So even though I belong to a Latin religious order the parish I attend is a Byzantine (Ruthenian) one as I am a Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic.

I will tell you all about it Tuesday night.

Here's my update.

Yes we had the Great Blessing of Water at the end of the Divine Liturgy last night for Theophany.

It was awesome. No chalk but I do not think that is a Byzantine thing.

What I love is that after I got home and was hanging up my habit I could smell the incense in my white mantle,

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