Epiphany Chalk: Can I bless my room by myself?

I’ve got blessed Epiphany chalk from a priest, and it would be nice if it can be used to bless my room. Since I’m the only Catholic in the house, can I bless my room by myself? (Or at least mark my room, if it is not counted as a blessing.) If yes, can I use the prayer that priests say, or is there another set of prayer for the laity to say?

Who knew? Thank you again, Google! https://aleteia.org/2018/01/05/how-to-bless-your-home-with-epiphany-chalk/

To clarify the question, are you asking about whether the epiphany blessing can be done by a person by themselves, or is it the issue that you’re having that you are in a household with no-catholics and as such would like to bless just your own room by yourself?

This. Being the only Catholic in the house only eliminates the possibility of having another household member doing the blessing.

I’m a single adult living in a studio apartment. I can tell you certainly that I was encouraged to do the blessing for myself on my own. You just read all the parts of the text (the link @dollysro provided has the same text my parish provided) yourself.

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^^ This. I too live on my own, and also do the Epiphany Chalk blessing myself.

Can we do the Epiphany blessing now?

(I have no blessed chalk, tho.)

While its’ been 5 weeks since we celebrated Epiphany, the blessing of the house could still be done - but you must have blessed chalk (by the priest) to write on the door frame. The priest blesses the chalk, we use it while reciting the prayer whilst writing on the door frame.

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Thank you so much! I will ask the priest if he can do it :slight_smile:

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You might want to print out that article to take with you, as it might save Father time searching for it in the missal (though he might have the prayer on his phone too).

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Great idea! Thank you!

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Instructions for you to do it

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