Epiphany Home Blessing


We are planning to do the Epiphany blessing for our home. I have two questions:

Does the chalk have to be blessed?

Does it matter which member of the household does the blessing?



Also, as I understand it, it is traditionally the head of household who does the blessing


Was intrigued so I looked it up. This website has the basic instructions and a blessing for the chalk:

But I guess the numbers would be 20 and 19 :slight_smile:


As far as I know, Yes.

Well, back in the day, the Parish Priest used to Bless parishioners houses. Not anymore…


Yep, just bring some chalk with you to Mass (daily Mass or this weekend Sunday Masses) and ask Father to bless it. Do a whole box and then you will likely have enough for a lifetime!!


Thank you everyone. I’ll try to get some chalk blessed between now and Epiphany.


When we moved here four years ago, I noticed the blessings on the exterior door frames. I was glad to learn what they were and have left them in place. More blessings never hurt anyone!


We were blessed to have an FSSP priest do the blessing last year with incense and all.


Praise the Lord!


From the Byzantine Rite:

Just thought I’d share :slight_smile:

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