Epiphany in seminary today


Something I thought I would share

I am in my 2nd semester in the seminary there have been some extreme highs and lows with me constantly questioning if this is my vocation or would God rather me be a married deacon or a brother or something else entirely. Its the 2nd-semester things are getting much more stable, and I am more comfortable here. Recently I have felt dramatic spiritual growth over the past few weeks and have consistently been praying for guidance in my search I Just had an epiphany that may have a major impact on my spiritual life as I feel God has given me that guide.

I got on the internet the Wednesday, and I ran into some anti-catholic BS from Protestants on a forum. They were really bashing Mary and claiming Catholics worship her and hold her in a higher place than Jesus and saying there is nothing special about her and she was just a woman like any other. Normally I ignore this kind of stuff as there no point getting into it with these people and the danger of exposing yourself on the internet. However, for some odd reason, I felt compelled to come to mary’s defense. After I was able to counter any argument they came up with and it was clear I won the argument they in some typical shallow anti-Catholic insults then left. I walked into the chapel yesterday for a private round of prayer then I turned a looked at an Icon of Mary with a kneeler in front of it. I flipped through my prayer book and found a 30 day devotional to Mary that is recommended for lent so I decided to do that. I felt very refreshed after the prayer and I got up and did it again in the same spot. I finished the prayer then decided to pray the rosary while I was there.

Now I admit I never felt extremely close to Mary and alway just prayed directly to God and felt as if sometimes she got too much attention. But as I was kneeling there in the second decade of the rosary praying my 3rd or 4th Hail Mary asking for her intercessory prayer looking up at her face I was overcome with the realization of how beautiful a person she was through her actions and more to the point how she can serve as a Guide. Given the willing acceptance of God’s calling to give birth to Jesus. Also, how praying this devotion and the rosary will keep me spiritually on the straight and narrow and trying to imitate her
love can guide me to better serve God.

In short, I had an epiphany for a devotion to Mary who will act as guide to serving God. Just as in the divine commedy Dante had the guide Virgil who would lead him to the paradiso I have found my guide in Mary who will lead me to better serve Jesus.

Does anyone else have a devotional calling to Mary?


Beautiful that you have been given this gift.

If you haven’t already done so, I definitely recommend you look up and purchase St. Louis de Montfort’s book True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and when you are able, embark on his 33 day Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

It is a truly transformative path, to take full advantage of the gift we have in Mary. She is our Intercessor, the Mediatrix of All Graces. She can lead you to Jesus more quickly than anyone else can.

I am on day 12 of the 33 day consecration right now, as are others on this forum; slated to conclude on March 25th, the feast of the Annunciation/Incarnation. I have done it before, but I and many others repeat it periodically to further increase our devotion and to remind ourselves of our commitment to give ourselves wholly as slaves of love to Jesus and Mary.


In simple words: Yes, I have a special devotion to the Blessed Mother. A few priests in my diocese have a devotion to Mary, and when the icon of “Our Lady of the Southern Cross” was designed a few years ago, my parish priest said to us one Sunday that he’d like every home in his parish to have a framed copy of this picture. I’ve just ordered mine though the Catholic Bookstore. I’ll hang it on the wall beside the picture of the Sacred Heart in my study.

I also pray the rosary nightly, and I’ll pray it for your intentions at seminary. Have a blessed Lent.


Yes, I have a special devotion to Mary, too. Two days ago I was reading City of God by Mary Agreda (second reading–The Blessed Mother IS the City of GOD!) and I was so sleepy I was going to put it down. I pushed myself to keep reading and before my eyes the words opened up a new understanding for me. It was in the part where Mary was talking to Sr. Mary Agreda after her vision. Mary took the baby in her arms and presented him to the Father. She wanted Sr. Mary Agreda to imitate her. Mother Mary said of Jesus, “He conceals himself under the appearances of bread and wine in order to accommodate Himself to the needs of each one, and that each one might consider Him as his personal property fit to offer to the eternal Father. In this way He furnishes to each one an oblation which no one could otherwise offer, and the Most High rests satisfied with it, since there is not anything more acceptable nor anything more precious in the possession of creatures.” Indicating this activity should be performed especially after receiving communion…

I hope that makes sense… I was glad I had read to the end of the chapter. Mother Mary gave me a “nugget” to feed on for many hours and many days to come!


I did the “My Queen, My Mother” prayer regularly when I was growing up, and later had occasion to find that it’s a very literal sort of thing, to give someone possession of you. And it’s a very powerful thing. And-- given that you’ve chosen correctly, and not given the wrong entity possession of yourself-- it’s a very good and positive thing.

I recommend it.

Good luck on your path.


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