Epiphany Mass at the Cathedral containing the relics of the Magi


The Shrine of the Three Kings , Tomb of the Three Kings , or Tomb of the Three Magi is a reliquary traditionally believed to contain the bones of the Biblical Magi, also known as the Three Kings or the Three Wise Men. The shrine is a large gilded and decorated triple sarcophagus placed above and behind the high altar of Cologne Cathedral. It is considered the high point of Mosan art and the largest reliquary in the western world.


Holy Mass on the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, from the Tomb of the Magi, the Kölner Dom, the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Mary, Cologne, Germany. Presided by Cardinal Woelki, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cologne .



Our priest mentioned this in homily on Sunday. Thanks for the pictures. It is really beautiful. I could have seen it in person, but did not know about it nor visit when I was in the city many years ago. :confused:



It’s beautiful rob thanks.

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A problem I have with this is that there is no mention of “kings” and no mention of “three” in Scripture.It is also not part of Sacred Tradition.

The Bible talks about magi (wisemen). All we can know is that there were at least two. There might have been three, four, five or whatever. In my opinion people jumped to the conclusion there were three because of the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh and that three men gave one gift each but for me that does not necessarily follow.

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That was beautiful to watch. Thanks for sharing!

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I fully agree with you @thistle .



Certainly it’s not, but neither is mention of Sts. Joachim and Anne, or Veronica’s wiping of the face of Christ, or of Peter’s encounter with Christ on the road to Rome and the iconic line of Quo Vadis?… Pious traditions such as these add great depth and detail to portions of the Gospels that are light on it.



Personally I don’t think it adds anything and also we are not required to believe/accept them.
However, if anyone else get a spiritual lift from these good for them. I have no problem with that.



A lot of us get a spiritual life from these pious traditions. Veronica and her veil are a part of the traditional Stations of the Cross, a devotion to which the Church gives a plenary indulgence; the stations also contain Jesus falling three times on the road to Calvary and Jesus meeting his mother on the road to Calvary, neither of which is in Scripture.

If one wants a fully scriptural Stations of the Cross, one can use the [http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/prayers-and-devotions/stations-of-the-cross/scriptural-stations-of-the-cross.cfm](http://fully Scriptural stations) developed by Pope JPII.


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