Epiphany Vigil Mass

The 2002 edition of Missale Romanum and its English translations have a Mass for the Vigil of the Epiphany. The Lectionary and Book of the Gospels that we use in England and Wales do not have readings for this Mass. At our Vigil Mass of the Epiphany, we used the Proper Prayers and the readings for the Mass of the day.

Does the American Lectionary or that used in other provinces have readings for the Epiphany Vigil Mass?

I bought a new St. Joseph Sunday Missal recently and it does have the readings for the Epiphany of the Lord Vigil mass. They are: 1st reading = Isaiah 60 :1-6, Second Reading Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6., and Gospel of Matthew 2:1-12.

We used the readings for Sunday the 8th for the vigil mass on Saturday evening the 7th. That’s all our Lectionary has in it.

Apparently the Sacred Congregation for Liturgy have said they are aware of the absence of proper readings for the Vigil Mass of Epiphany (so they should, it’s nearly 10 years since the revised Latin version of the Missal was published) and they are working on it. Presumably that means we’re going to have to buy yet more books.:mad:

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