Episcopal Bishops Fail to take a stand on gay unions and gay ordination


In a private meeting in Salt Lake City yesterday, Episcopal bishops gathered to form a response to the Windsor Report which criticized the U.S. church for ordaining Gene Robinson, an openly gay man living with his long time partner, as a bishop. The bishops were asked to recant that decision or express regret for having made that mistake. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, had advised the ECUSA (the United States branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion) to impose a moratorium on the blessing of gay unions and ordination of practicing homosexuals – but the meeting yesterday fell far short of meeting this request. ( Full story from NPR ) Instead, the bishops apologized for the controversy and the ensuing unrest in the Anglican Communion, putting off further action until a meeting to be held in March.

I would be interested in hearing the views of any current Anglican/Episcopalians/Anglo Catholics on this development, and what you think this might lead to as regards the church in the United States. I would also like to know what any Catholics think of this.



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