Episcopal Church Blesses/Baptizes Dogs


I can not find the actual news article as of yet, it must not be up yet, but I saw this on TV a few minutes ago and managed to pull up the church’s website and found this flier. The website only says blessing, but on TV the priest was pouring water over the dog’s heads and it didn’t look at all like a blessing. I’m waiting for them to put up an article on the news site, and I will post it as soon as they put it up. They should do it fairly soon, they usually follow up any TV report with a written article on their website.

The AP’s news story, released yesterday, said that the animals would be sprinkled.

But photos or video footage of the actual event should clarify matters.

Thanks for finding that :slight_smile:
I had the sound down and only got to see the images, but it looked like some sort of baptism. Perhaps they will show it again and I can see it better, or it will be online.

You can bless almost anything by sprinkling it with holy water----animals, airplanes, buildings, hospital beds, cars, rosaries, books, you name it. The Catholic Church has a set formula for this, usually a blessing said as the object is being aspersed.

This is totally different from baptism, which can only be performed on human beings, and with the proper formula.

Lorraine Boettner, bless his anti-Catholic soul, put the “baptism of bells” into his list of bigoted diatribes against the Catholic Church, trying to get people to believe that Catholics “baptize” church bells; but upon investiagtion, all he was talking about was the blessing of the bells, not baptism. I would be willing to wager that’s what’s going on in this instance here.

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