Episcopal Church in a tailspin: The main candidates for Bishop of Los Angeles are almost all gay and lesbian

After the notorious Anaheim convention, the Episcopal Church now has opened the flood gates to all gay, lesbian, cross-dressers, and bisexual folks who wish to be bishops. The Los Angeles episcopacy is now open for candidates, and most of them are LBGT!

This article posted by David Virtue describes the scene…for anyone who left TEC, I’m sure you won’t have any regrets now!


Not trying to derail the thread but can someone tell me what TEC stands for? I tried to look it up but no go.

The Episcopalian Church?

Traditional Episcopalian Church?

God bless you


In Los Angeles, there are 2 positions, 6 candidates of which two are gay. Thus, 2/6, or 1/3, are gay.
In Minnesota, there is 1 position, 3 candidates of which one is gay. Thus, 1/3 are gay.

TEC=The Episcopal Church. It is now their preferred acronym, replacing the old ECUSA (Episcopal Church, USA).


There is something wrong with a catholic taking issue with people who are open about their lifestyle rather than confining it in a closet, lying about it and shuffling the non compliants about from here to there. Being a practicing homosexual may be incorrect by christian doctrine, but being a child rapist never is okay by any denomination or any religion I have ever read about. Then shifting the child rapist from parish to parish is never okay, but catholics have done it.
But, because these people are committing heresy in your denomination’s eyes, that is Far Worse?

Thank you GKC.

Siddhartha got you there gurneyhalleck1 :wink:

God bless

Who here ever said that shifting a child rapist from parish to parish is okay?

I will not take issue with what other churches do. I don’t agree with them yes but it’s certainly their own business in what they do. I will come in if I am involved in some way or another. So I agree with you on this score. :slight_smile:

Just a little correction about the insinuation on Catholic Church. Child rapist or paedophilia is never right and the CC is utterly clear about it. The problem is not easy to address but the Church deals with it in the best possible way it can according to its policy and compassion.

I know you meant well; perhaps you are upset by the OP who is encroaching on another denomination.

God bless.

Nobody i know either.

Policy in the catholic church on this matter has not been around that long and has evolved quite a bit.

Yes, I do think the Episcopal Church ought to be prayed for if it is in a tailspin by anyone’s belief.

I know this is a hard issue for all on all sides, but it is harder for the catholic church to ignore the things being made public information now, like the deposition I spoke about.
The reason it troubles me, is the parish I attend is listed in the depostion. It would anyway, even if not. But, I met the pastor who was the one who accepted one of these types of priests into the parish. He was shuffled.

It seems that there must be a sale on handbaskets somewhere.

Yeah, RC, Siddhartha really got me. Give me a break LOL…my point isn’t any different if the position is in LA or in Goober, Idaho. The point is that the die is cast and these folks are seizing the spotlight to take advantage of the convention’s foolish ruling.

Boysenberry Jam, you’re an agnostic, so you have no opinion on God period so there’s something wrong with you commenting on religion period since you plead the fifth.:shrug:


Ease up gurneyhalleck. I was making light of Siddhartha correcting you by saying that “only” a third of the applicants were practicing* “LBGT”* not most of them.

Go back a re-read my comment with that in mind. Much is lost in translation on forums.

God bless you

What, even women? :eek:

Now StrawberryJam, according to the non religously affiliated John Jay Criminal College study, what **sexual orientation **were at least 80% of the POST pubescent child abusing priests?

Once you’ve answered that, you’ll understand why you faulting the Catholic Church due to child rapists on a thread that deals with homosexual clergy in a protestant denomination is so…ironic.

To the OP:
Dude. Seriously, why do you care enough to be absolutely outraged? Do you live under the jurisdiction of any of these potential bishops? Even if you happen to, shouldn’t you be more concerned about the abuses and issues at stake within your own denomination?

These actions were utterly predictable based on the TEC’s trajectory regarding these issues.

If this were a question of how the Episcopal Church show draw its diocesan lines, I would agree with you, my sister in Christ. But the simple fact is that this is not a denominational or jurisdictional issue, but one of morality and mortal danger to souls.

The Catholic Church cares about the souls of all humanity–it must, and it always shall. From age to age, Christ gathers people unto Himself. Do you not think it should be important to Her that some Christians are encouraging others to live in unrepentant sin and appointing leaders among themselves that promote the joyous acceptance and outright celebration of the same?

Prayer III of the Anamnesis in the Catholic Mass contains the line, “Lord, may this sacrifice, which has made our peace with you, advance the peace and salvation ***of all the world.***” Personally, I am just as concerned about this now that I have left the Episcopal Church as I was when I was a communicant thereof, because there are people with souls–not mere denominations or jurisdictions–involved.

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