Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Hospitalized

The Episcopal Church’s new presiding Bishop Michael Curry was hospitalized on Sunday after having difficulty speaking while visiting a church in Williamsburg, VA. It was discovered he had a subdural hematoma in his head that was impacting his brain. He had emergency surgery on Tuesday to repair the problem. He is on the mend and doing well so far but with any brain related issue, particularly one that comes out of the blue like this, concern is still warranted and prayers needed for his swift recovery.


I have heard that he is recovering from the surgery. How very frightening for him and those who were in the congregation on Sunday. Prayers ascending for him and his family - and of course for the Church under his care.

praying for his full health and recovery.

Praying for his health & recovery & successful surgical outcome. Praying for his family as well.

Praying for his health

From the little I know about TEC’s Presiding Bishop Curry, he appears to be a faithful servant of our Lord. Dear God, I pray tonight Thy loving hands wrap around Bishop Curry, his family, and all who are served by TEC, to restore his health, to bring comfort and peace to his loved ones and to all who find a home in TEC along their spiritual journeys. Amen.

His recovery is apparently going along nicely and his family is very touched by the support they’ve been receiving.

Though it seems he’s not the only Anglican primate suffering medical woes of late. Mexico’s presiding bishop Moreno is suffering some form of abdominal issue that is quite severe as well. So I send prayers for him as well.

That is great news in regard to Presiding Bishop Curry’s recovery. May it continue and he be fully restored to good health. And my prayers as well for Mexico’s Presiding Bishop Francisco Moreno.

What joy I felt seeing Bishop Curry doing so well here in his Christmas message. Praise God!


that is the first time I have listened to him speak. he does look like he is feeling well and anxious to return to work. I pray he will have a full recovery.

I had listened to him speak once before. I find him to be an inspiring speaker bringing hope to a sometimes broken world regardless of one’s faith affiliation. In a similar vein that I do of Pope Francis. Indeed I join you in praying for Bishop Curry’s full recovery and I will add also for the continued health and well being of Pope Francis in the coming yr and for many more yrs to come. May God bless them both in leading their respective faith traditions.

:thumbsup: happy new year!

And to you as well 7 Sorrows! And to all a healthy, happy, safe one.

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