Episcopal Church reports lowest membership in 70 years

[quote=Catholic News Agency]Episcopal Church reports lowest membership in 70 years
Washington D.C., Nov 1, 2011 / 02:35 am (CNA).- New statistics from the Episcopal Church show the group’s loss of more than 200,000 members and 300 parishes between 2006 and 2010, bringing membership to its lowest since the 1930s.

In an Oct. 22 blog entry, commentator David Virtue noted that if the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion continues to lose active members at the present rate, then “in 26 years there will no longer be anyone attending an Episcopal church.”

Virtue made his prediction based on figures showing five years of consistent decline in average Sunday worship attendance, as well as total membership and number of parishes, in the Episcopal Church.



According to Wikipedia (not the best source but it should work for this):

In 2000, the Convention affirmed “the variety of human relationships in and outside of marriage” and acknowledged “disagreement over the Church’s traditional teaching on human sexuality.”[101]
The 2006, General Convention affirmed “support of gay and lesbian persons as children of God”; calls on legislatures to provide protections such as bereavement and family leave policies; and opposes any state or federal constitutional amendment that prohibits same-sex civil marriages or civil unions."[102]
The 2009, General Convention affirmed that “gays and lesbians (that are) in lifelong committed relationships,” should be ordained, saying that “God has called and may call such individuals to any ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.”[103] The Convention also voted to allow bishops to decide whether or not to bless same-sex marriages.[104]

You’ll note that in 2006 is when the decline started and also when the Episcopal Church started to strongly support the homosexual agenda. It’s good to see that people will leave a church when they realize they getting further and further from the Truth…

I couldn’t agree more! As more non-Catholic churches embrace homosexuality, I won’t be surprised if we start to see more Christians joining our church. Last I heard, Lutherans are also on the same bandwagon as the Episcopalians.

Well said:

You’ll note that in 2006 is when the decline started and also when the Episcopal Church started to strongly support the homosexual agenda. It’s good to see that people will leave a church when they realize they getting further and further from the Truth…

I hope if the Catholic Church were ever lead astray we would be wise and astute enough to know it and strong enough to rise up. :shrug:

How did Anglicanism begin in the first place? Becuase Catholics weren’t -]wise, astute and strong/-] faithful enough to rise up. Of all the bishops in England, only one – St John Fisher – objected to Henry VIII’s secession from the Church. A frightening truth.

What would happen today if someone tried to force Anglican-style moral heresies onto the Catholic Church?
Who knows what’s down the road?

This is not peculiar to the Episcopal churches. It’s true of all “mainline” Protestant churches in the U.S.

We can, in the absence of some kind of empirical data, at least speculate as to the reasons for it.

Increasing adoption of sociological notions in lieu of religious precepts is surely one, e.g., homosexual bishops, women priests, etc.

Deconstruction of the former American “power structure” that held it up. When I was a kid, everybody who was anybody belonged to a mainline protestant church. It’s structure was paralleled with other structures, and it was promoted openly in, for example, schools.
The rise of Catholics in the economic structure had a lot to do with the dissolution of this structure.

They are going to have 1 Less on Easter Vigil when I come into the Church


You’d think this would tell them something, but they are apparently too blind to see it.

As they move further and further away from orthodox Christianity, more and more Christians are voting with their feet and decamping for churches which actualy take a stand for the ancient bedrock doctrines of the Faith.

Not to spoil a splendid gloating party, but does anybody think the statistics are any better among American born catholics? I doubt it. We’re bleeding people as badly as they are and for many of the same reasons: moral compromise on the part of mid level people charged with teaching and spreading the faith.

Deo Gratias!

“rise up”? There isn’t any need to go there. The Church is in NO danger of going in that direction. :rolleyes:

You would think a secular society it would be the liberal Churches who are liberal on women priests, gay priests, even contraception and abortion that would be gaining members; but it is the exact opposite, the liberal Churches are the losing members and the ‘‘conservative,’’ traditional Churches who are gaining members.

Good point. Before you party, what percent of American born Catholics are actually in the pews? Furthermore what percent of those in the pews dissent in some way?

I found this on the Pew Forum website:
“While those Americans who are unaffiliated with any particular religion have seen the greatest growth in numbers as a result of changes in affiliation, Catholicism has experienced the greatest net losses as a result of affiliation changes. While nearly one-in-three Americans (31%) were raised in the Catholic faith, today fewer than one-in-four (24%) describe themselves as Catholic. These losses would have been even more pronounced were it not for the offsetting impact of immigration. The Landscape Survey finds that among the foreign-born adult population, Catholics outnumber Protestants by nearly a two-to-one margin (46% Catholic vs. 24% Protestant); among native-born Americans, on the other hand, the statistics show that Protestants outnumber Catholics by an even larger margin (55% Protestant vs. 21% Catholic).”

So, what does this mean? As you say, our children are being taught by “mid level” people. I guess you mean lay people who aren’t particularly qualified to teach the faith. And this is true in some cases,especially with the vocation shortages. So, it’s the parents who need to fill in the gaps. If parents aren’t willing to talk about faith with their children and don’t always go to mass themselves, how can they expect others in the church to be examples for their children? Parents need to take every opportunity to relate church beliefs and issues to everyday life. At least for young children, we are their primary teachers. I realize this is sort of off-subject, but I know many people my age (40s to 50s) who don’t go to church. So how can we expect their kids to have any interest in being Catholic?

Bold emphasis mine. But then you can also have Catholics who still describe themselves as Catholics but who are told by other Catholics they can not identify as Catholic. So that might not help much either in the interest dept.

Congratulations! Welcome (soon) home!~

As they continue to stray away from what jesus originally taught (Jesus ATE with Sinners, yes, but HE did NOT encourage them to continue sinning!) I think more will come to the Catholic Church.

Nothing surprising here.

Even the most loyal will desert a sinking ship just before it fully sinks.

Just saying.

Welcome home! My wife made the same journey 11 years ago!

Don’t be too boastful.

Without the Hispanic immigration, the Catholic Church in the U.S. would be declining in numbers as well.

You should thank your Latino neighbor.:slight_smile:

Now about sending families in your parishes back and that electrified fence… :slight_smile:

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