Episcopal Church to vote on same-sex marriage [CC]

The Episcopal Church is poised to hold a final vote on whether to permit same-sex marriages in its dioceses.The House of Bishops-- one of the two houses of the church’s bicameral …


Same topic has already been covered and resolved here:


**Well they did approve **it-the House of Bishops allowed Priests to decline to do same sex nuptials " without sanction" and the Bishop has to approve same sex marriages in their individual dioceses-

The Bishop of Honduras spoke passionately against it-even the Archbishop of Canterbury expressed concerns for the ongoing participation of the Episcopal Church in the Anglican communion-given this decision

We had our schism with the breaking off of the Anglican church in North America a decade ago

This all started with the ordination of women-still till this day the whole process perplexes me

I doubt that any sizable number of Episcopaleans will leave -those who wanted to leave have left already

We also have a new Presiding Bishop -read his book “crazy Christians” gives a good idea where he wants to lead the ECUSA

In the end we will stay in our beautiful old Churches and continue with our lovely liturgy and worship the Trinity -all will be well

As I posted on the similar thread in the other subforum, the bishops’ approval was overwhelming in favor 129-26 with 5 abstaining. And the House of Deputies made up of clergy and laity voted in favor as well.

The Very Rev. Brian Baker of Sacramento, chair of the committee that drafted the changes, said the church rule change was the result of a nearly four-decade long conversation.

He admitted church members have not always been kind to one another but that the dynamic has changed in recent decades.

“We have learned to not only care for, but care about one other,” Baker said. “That mutual care was present in the conversations we had. Some people disagreed, some people disagreed deeply, but we prayed and we listened and we came up with compromises that we believe make room and leave no one behind.”


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