Episcopal Communion


Can Catholics receive communion at an Episcopal wedding? Is it recognized as the Real Presence? Thank you.


[quote=amg]Can Catholics receive communion at an Episcopal wedding?


[quote=amg]Is it [Episcopal communion] recognized as the Real Presence?

By Catholics? No. By Episcopalians? Yes, but they have a different understanding of how Christ is really present in the Eucharist than do Catholics.

Because Episcopal priests do not have valid holy orders, Episcopal communion is invalid. This is reason enough for Catholics not to receive, but there are other reasons as well:

  1. It gives the impression that the Catholic believes the communion is valid.

  2. If a Catholic doesn’t believe that the communion is valid, then his action in receiving Episcopal communion is dishonest, as well.

  3. It gives the appearance of a false sense of unity.

  4. It is unfair to Protestants, who usually know that the Catholic Church doesn’t allow them to receive Catholic Communion, to see a Catholic helping himself to Protestant communion.

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