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:gopray2: As I understand it, the U.S. Episcopal Conference is about to have a meeting in September that will likely have the effect of splitting the group from the main Church of England. The division stems from the out right insistence by the head bishop on blessing homosexual marriages within the mainline Episcopal Church as well as formally recognizing homosexual priests and bishops. There are many Episcopal churches that have and will split, aligning themselves with the more conservative South African church. Still others will proudly or through complaceny, follow suit and allow the measures to pass. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those that are seeking the Lord’s guidance and lead them home. This was not the main reason I left the church for Rome, but one of the reasons I began to seek the truth in earnest. Perhaps we could find out the date of the conference and reach out to our wounded neighbors that will no doubt be cought up in the turmoil that has become the Episcopal Church.:gopray2:

Mother Mary pray for us


I don’t know. ++Williams is going to have some tough decisions to make after Sept. 30, and I really don’t think anyone knows for sure what he is going to do. If he doesn’t do something to discipline the Episcopal Church, he will face a massive revolt from the Africans and other conservative provinces of the Communion.

“Windsor bishops” such as my own gracious lord +Ed Little of Northern Indiana (well, actually I’m technically still a member of a parish in North Carolina many of whose members have left the Episcopal Church), will also face a tough choice. As, of course, will I.



Anyone who thinks that things are going to change after September is an immense optimist. The Episcopal Church has been sticking its thumb in the eye of the rest of the Communion for four years now (just counting from the consecration of the Bishop of New Hampshire). Based on everything that has happened in that four years, I don’t think that (i) the Episcopal Church has the desire or the grace to make amends with either the Communion or TEC’s disgrunted conservative minority, (ii) the ABC or the Primates have the backbone to enforce their mandates, or (iii) that the Global South will go beyond ordaining auxillary bishops in North America. In other words, “meet the new boss…same as the old boss.” Yeah, I’m bitter but the history of this soap opera does not offer much hope for a different result.


This is simply amazing, God willing we get to live to see the Anglican Church destroyed (by its own sins no less)!

After 500 years and all the damage it has caused to the Catholic Church as well as Christendom as a whole, the wheels are starting to come off and it is finally going to come crashing down.

Also, I agree with the OP that this will result in an influx of converts!


You’re praising this meltdown? With all the torment and anguish it is causing orthodox Anglicans? You like to see people suffer? Shame on you.


And then, hopefully, we will see an influx of people into Islam, atheism, and the Mormon Church.

Ah, the beauty of it.


You don’t know Episcopalians very well, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason why TEC is melting down is precisely because Episcopalians can believe pretty much whatever they feel like and still be within the boundaries of ‘church teaching’.

Unless they’re orthodox Christians… heaven forbid! :eek:

Anyway, they already have a Muslipalian priest out on the west coast, and Spong is effectively an atheist. I seriously doubt any Piskie would consider Mormonism due to their insistence on personal discipline and church authority.

Sadly, the once great Episcopal Church is becoming nothing more than Unitarians in drag.


:o Unfortunately, Chris, you are correct. From my experience, I see, either #1, certain groups flocking to the ECUSA because they are becoming so liberal and they like tradition, and believe it to be Apostolic…or #2, they are leaving for the Catholic Church (that would be me) or #3, they are just grinning and bearing it all (which is so sad)…oh well…


You are, IMO opinion, correct. If the house is on fire, most Anglicans will grudgingly move to the next room, where the smoke isn’t so bad, and no further.



Sadly, I concur. Many of my more elderly Episcopalian friends are of the mind that “I have always gone to St. Swithun’s, and I’m always going to go to St. Swithun’s, and I’m not going to move. Why can’t we just be charitable and all get along?” There is a LOT of Anglophilia that prevents people from moving towards anything that is not British, more particularly, that is not English.

Bear in mind that the Episcopal Church is now where it IS because of democratic process. Those still in the Church pretty much support the agenda. Most of those with stronger and more defined orthodox views have already left. The others are gasping. Pray for them.


It is a corrupt “church” and needs to go, I believe we are in the age when we will see it happen. I never denied there ARE many good Christians in the Anglican Church, nor do I deny they will get hurt…not that they are not already being hurt by the way things are being run already.

And even Protestantism in general is on its last fumes, people are getting tired of the divisions and moral and theological relativism from denomination to denomination.


It is my sincere desire to reach out to those that will no doubt leave and begin the protestant tradition of “church shopping.” Sadly, most of the time the Catholic Church gets over looked during the shopping phase and people will no doubt land back in some other protestant division. The really sad part is that almost all the protestant groups are facing many of the same challenges as the Episcopal Church with regards to many doctrines including homosexuality as well the ordination of female ministers and issues related to life. I can think of one branch of the Lutheran Church and the Methodist church (which will be in full communion with the Episcopal church soon) that are facing those same issues. The most frightening thing is that Southern Baptist are now ordaining women! (Okay that last part was a joke. Just seeing if you were paying attention) Now is the time to dust off the evangelical walking shoes and assist those that are in a serious faith crisis. God Bless.:signofcross:

Mother Mary pray for us


Thank you for the invitation but as many of those who will adhere to traditional church teaching; if the split becomes reality and takes place, I will align with the Anglican church in England. This is what our parish and many others are prepared to do.



You may find this story interesting.


Not surprising though. Let’s face it TEC has become a place where many folks can just simply match their faith to their lifestyle. Thankfully, this is not all Episcopalians, far from it. I prefer being called an Anglican because this is truly what I am.


Not surprising though. Let’s face it TEC has become a place where many folks can just simply match their faith to their lifestyle. Thankfully, this is not all Episcopalians, far from it. I prefer being called an Anglican because this is truly what I am.

What makes one Anglican? Interesting that you would choose to identify yourself with the Church of England rather than the American Episcopal Church. Why? That is a rather loaded question because I was one myself and did the same thing. Eventually I began to refer to myself as Anglo-Catholic to align myself as far away from TEC as possible and as close as possible to the way Christ intended it. I eventually began to explore the Catholic Church in earnest and well, here I am. It has been a profoundly rewarding experience. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to seek the Truth. You might be surprised at what you will find.


IMO, this is spot on. Though I would allow a role for a little bit of talented subversion of the process, too (“Who, us? Just a tiny bit of liturgical reform here, intended to lend relevance to a fusty and musty old Prayer Book”).


Anglicanus Catholicus


Been there done that, got all my sacrements there. I prefer to be in the Anglican church once I realized that the Holy Spirit can come to any one of us and not just a group who calls themselves equal to the authority of Scripture. Too much man and not enough inspired word of God for me to have stayed Catholic. I left.


Haven’t read much Newman, have you, Nella?

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